Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hair Fair part 2

There are so many participants at the hairfair and they are all so generous, I couldn't fit all the gifts on ONE blog, so here is another part :)
Same as yesterday I will just put the name of the store with the link and the pic under the name.
GesammtKunstwerk. (comes in sooo many colors !)

Enigma. (costs 1 L$)

Zandari. (cute head and shoulder cats)

Blue Galaxy. (This is a helmet with some really cool options, sending out music notes or purple myst)

Clawtooth. (costs 1 L$, hair not included)

FilligreeMotion. (couldn't make out if the shop is called Fadeless or not. Costs 1 L$)

Nikita Friede.

dDX. (costs 1 L$)

Battle Angel.



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