Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today I don't feel like doing anything...

Today I have been humming the Lazy song by Bruno Mars, and I really don't feel like doing anything...just watch the video LOL. I bet it brings a smile to your face and in your heart. But hey you are looking at my blog and you expect at least a FEW free things...
So here goes. My Precious has a free admission to their VIP group till July 15th. Youh ave to be fast to get for free in this group, but when you do you get the next lovely dresses and gown for just 1 L$ each .

his lovely hair is a gift from the lucky board at Me-I. There are 2 lucky boards and YAY I got both. Love the Avril hair :) look at the little crown...gorgious.
Me-I also has a few freebies at their store, close to the Lucky Boards, just look around.

The next hair is by Alli & Ali and it is the new votig gift at the store (top pic). I am also showing you the new group gift (only the female ones this time).
Both can be found at the mainstore of Alli & Ali.
This hair is also by Alli & Ali but you can find it as a freebie in their Marketplace store. The name of the hair is Lorena.
And the name of this hair is Sunita, also on Marketplace.
The next lovely outfit which can be worn in different ways, is by EdelFabrik. You can wear it with the jacket or just with the sheer blouse or as sexy underware.
And it is free :)
And this very elegant top and scarf are by Bastia. You also get a summer tattoo for free at Bastia. The top however costs you, including the scarf, 1 L$.

Another very nice sexy dress which is perfect for those hot summer nights is this one, by Yesss. I love the texture of the dress, gives it a very rich feel. The hair is by Curious Kitties, blogged yesterday.
And I found some more goodies from the SSH hunt (find the black and white flipflop). This cute little black crochet dress with the flats is a gift in the SSH hunt by Graffittiwear !
This one is from PIXXIS. Also a gift in the SSH hunt. So sexy and soooo SUMMER ! Don't you feel like going to the beach ans sing the Lazy song? Comes with the glasses.
More beach news...also from the SSH hunt. This beach chair (with poses) is the gift from FLAKS and the outfit is a gift from FIVE. Find the flipflop and it is yours :)
FIVE also has a gift in the TOTATF hunt (find the orange fish) and if you find it you get the outfit below :)
Another store participating in the SSH hunt is Fashion by Karla. You get this very sexy pair of pants and top if you find the flipflop at Karlas store.
Fashion by Karla also has a few freebies at the store so take your time to look around.

And this lifeguard dress is the SSH hunt gift at Karma Creations if you find the flipflop :)
The next great shorts, bermuda's and tops are a gift at SF design. You mix and match and they are perfect for a day on the beach or a picknick in the parc.
And Dead Dolls has this very sexy bathing suit, if you can call it that, as a dollarbie (1 L$) in their store. SUMMER here we come :)
Envy  Design has a cute group gift at their new store and WOW 2 lucky boards too...I can't show you those items because I wasn't that lucky...but take your time to look around :) (bangles are not included, older hunt item)
To wear with all your summer outfits I found these great summer shoes. They are by PennyWise and they are a gift if you are in the LOW group (joining is free).
Another gift but this time in the FabFree group, is this lovely tattoo by Shantal. Join FabFree and check notices. Or just go to her shop and look at the goodies there.
Then I went over to Shapes by Kira.
They have 5 lucky boards with skins (also one male) and they are participating in the Out of this World hunt (find the green alien and get the green skin).

The next skins are a new relaese by JeSyLiLo. They are called BUNNY skins and they come with a face tattoo of a bunny face. I am showing you the pale and tan version. NEW release so NOT free.
Actually I did quite a lot singing the Lazy song...HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES !!!

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