Friday, July 1, 2011


I have a few leftovers in my inventory, some gifts from the Geek hunt, group gifts and stuff like that. So no real theme today...just leftovers.
Buka has a GREAT jeans skirt in their lucky boards. I am wearing this cute skirt with the free tops bt BDR, especially released for the 4th of July.

BDR also has several very cute 4th of July outfits at their store for only 20 L$ ladies. I am showing you the Miss USA one ...but there are more ..and believe it or not for those 20 L$ you also get the GREAT shoes with this dress.
Jills has reopened and you get a GREAT top as an opening gift. I am wearing it with the BUKA skirt :) The top comes with several styles of necklaces.

I also styled the cute top by Jill with a skirt which you can find in the DEMO version of the new skirts at G*Field.
Next to the opening gift are 2 lucky boards, one with a lovely romantic white dress and one with a basket which is just as romantic.
And if you join the group you get 3 bracelets too.

I styles the cute skirt by G*field with some really great bags I got at I <3 Fashioncity. They are NOT free (135 L$), but I simply love them :)

The Buka skirt is also GREAT with the top I got from the lucky board at Y&R. There are 3 lucky boards and next to it are also freebies. You have to join the group though. The lovely flower dress is a group gift. Shoes by BabyMonkey.

Over to Cranked and the Let them eat cake hunt. If you find the cake you get this very sexy outfit :)

And this cute dress is by Morea from their Midnight mania board.

This cute top is a gift by Hucci for their subscribo group members. The necklace is an Aidoru gift in the One time at he fair hunt.
And these cute shirts are by Hoorenbeek :) DUTCH shirts :)
The leftovers from the Geek hunt gift....ok I admit I am a geek. I couldn;t stop playing my Nintend DS once I got it at Magnificent poses. The beanbag comes with the DS. Find the Nintendo at the store.

This outfit I am wearing on the beanbag, playing the Nintendo DS is by Argyle. Find the Nintendo at their store and it is yours :)

The next gift is also from the Geek hunt. I got this cute shirt at Intrigue & Co., inside the Nintendo.

More from the Geek hunt: this green shirt is hidden in the Nintendo at Rezipsa Lock.
At Yellow Berry you get this keycord in 3 different colors IF you find the Nintendo.

Undefined Lillies has these earrings in ALL colors (just showing you a few) hidden in their Nintendo.
And the last one in this hunt is by Squeek....LOVE the hat geeks...find the Nintendo to wear it :)

Happy hunting and shopping ladies :)