Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is it really free?

Today I am going to start with a dollarbie. That means 1 LINDEN dollar, not 1 US dollar (or 10 L$). This very lovely hat is perfect for summer. I bought it for 1 L$ at Ever an Angel.

Ever an Angel has 7 opening gifts at thestore (go up to the attick tio get them). And if you get them all you will have this inside your inventory:

The cute shoes I am wearing with these outfits are new releases by BabyMonkey. Oh I LOVE those shoes girls, they are not free (though there are lucky boards and MM boards at the store) but very affordable. Worth to take a look at. See some new releases below.

The next dress includes the very special shoes. It is a gift in the Greedy hunt at Patchwork Heart (or Bakery Bliss?). You have to find the strawberry but believe me that is not so easy. It is guarded by a nasty grandma...

Acid & Mala has 2 lovely gifts in the TOSL (taste of SL) hunt. Find the tray with the waiter and both dresses are yours.

And Arnadi has this cute Mr. Spock greeting shirt as a gift in the Poupee hunt.

These 2 lovely sets of sexy lingerie are by Thalia. You get the black one as a group gift and the red one as a subscribo gift.

Then I went over to Mimi's Choice. Lots of great designer have some really nice items there, and some also have GREAT freebies. How about this very cute dress by Gizza?

Or these lovely booties by FJ design?

Or maybe you like this sexy jacket by MEB more? All found at Mimi's Choice.

And Tattanooga has these special face tattoos also at Mimi's choice.

A la Folie also has a very nice gift at Mimi's choice. Don't you love this elegant silk dress? It is perfect for every occasion! The shoes are included !

If you are planning to go to a dance this lovely free gown by Illy Creations is the best choice. I love the red flowing moves so gracefully.

The next dresses are a gift at Divalicious. You get all 3 colors and really, they are GREAT for hot summer weather.

Last one for today is another outfit I got at AdN. It is from the questionmark boards there and very sexy :)


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