Monday, July 25, 2011

Feeling blue?

Galaxy Rise has some really special skins in their group notices ladies...if you want to feel blue or purple...join the Galaxy Rise group and check those notices to get both skins. With a lot or with less cleavage.

And if you are feeling blue, but you do not want to change your skin, find the doll at Bonne Chance. The doll is part of the Poupee hunt and inside is this lovely blue dress. The shoes and clutch are a new release by BabyMonkey.

More from the Poupee hunt (find the doll, it looks a bit like little red riding hood) at Pure Style. You get this lovely summer dress in white linen. I am wearing the gift which I found at I <3 Fashion with it. It is also from the Poupee hunt and it's a lovely necklace with a ship in a bottle on it.

The next item is also from the Poupee hunt and I found this one at Diapop. The lovely bag is a gift at TokiDoki, also inside the Poupee hunt doll.

Somapop also participates in the Poupee hunt and you get a lovely warm sweater if you find the dolly.
If you find the doll at Beautiful Creature you get this very colorful Tee.

Another gift from the Poupee hunt I found at Undefined Lillies. It is soooo wear a moustache ring and it comes with or without pose. I am showing you the pose one :)

The last 2 from the Poupee hunt (I was lazy, I didn't do the whole hunt, but there are GREAT gifts to be found) are by Pink Ribbon (the cute bunny ears and nose) and by Pididdle (the doll make up).

Back to skins. These next lovely skins are by Skintimate. The Harley skins in light and dark are in their lucky boards. the lovely Norway skin is a group gift for Skintimate group members. It is in honor to the grieving people in Norway after the tragedy in which over 90 people lost their lives. The Rina skin is from the 75 L$ outlet of Skintimate.

Rina skin
Norway skin
This next lovely gown is by Paris Metro and it is free :) YAY. And extremely lovely, I love the bright summer colors :)

STC (Sweeter than Candy) has new VIP group gifts at their store. Look below :)

And Sassy has  a new group gift too, this lovely top.

Sassy also is participating in the Skulls & Bones hunt (1 L$ per gift) and if you find the treasure chest you will get this lovely female pirate outfit.

Sassy has a new gift in their lucky chairs, this very sexy dress made of bands and a very elegant yet sexy short dressy in copper.

Last one for today is the dress that Sassy has put in the Mob Vend. So get your friends over to Sassy and the price will drop :)


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