Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prim & Pixels, The Lost, Worlds End Garden, Lunia Sabbia and Sascha's Design.

Today I found 2 stores who opened a 1 L$ store. First one is Prim & Pixels. They have a section in their store where all items are kust 1 L$ each. Look what I got there (but there is much more !!) I love the cute black booties with the bow :) and the red cocktail dress..well I loved all the otufits actually :)

The other store is The Lost. They have a special store where all their items are just 1 L$ permanently. And this is what I got there ! The necklace and hat come with the outfit. The shoes are a new release by BabyMonkey.

Then I got this very lovely group gift at Worlds End Garden. I love their style of clothes. It has something magical and dramatic.

These next lovely outfits are from the lucky boards at Luna Sabbia. Takes a bit fo time to wait for your letter, but then you get the most lovely outfits. There are many lucky boards there. The necklace with the red bow is from Chocolate atelier at Twinkle Night Bazaar. The bag is a gift in the Poupee hunt (find the doll) at Danchu.

The last outfit is by Sascha's design. It is not free but this dress is sooo well made, I simply fell in love with it. It comes in a lot of colors and 4 of those dresses are marked down to 275 L$ at the moment. Comes also with a gown option (long skirt), a short jacket and the hat is also included.
Well done Sascha!


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