Friday, July 29, 2011

Talking about undies...

I love undies, especially if they are free or cheap.
This sexy lingerie is by Blacklace and it is free. I am wearing the very cute short kimono which I found at Mr. Poet (also free) with this lingerie...ohhh I feel like ...something in bed....oh yes breakfast ofcourse :)
The cute bears are also freebies at Blacklace.

And this set is by the Vinyl Cafe. It was a dollarbie (they have dollarbies for one or 2 days) so it might be more expensive now (50 L$) but you can always find good dollarbies there.

And the next sexy lingerie is a new release by Graffiti wear (so NOT FREE !) but I really liked the new outfits :) (they come in more colors)
The top 2 are called Serenity, the bottom one Dusk :)


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