Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Siria's Fashion room, Inaya, a complete avatar by WoW skins and Kastle Rock

Today I will start with Siria's Fashion Room. A lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs at Siria's Fashion room for just 100 L$ or less. It is a great way to get to know the designers and their design ! I am showing you below what I got there. It is all available at Siria's Fashion Room but I am also giving you the landmarks to the designers stores, just in case you want to see more of their design !

Let me start with fun outfit by NS. The name of this outfit is Panda outfit and you get ALL I am wearing including the glasses, the mouthy and the drum sticks in my hands :) Even the shoes are included and a small shape (I am wearing my own shape). At Siria's Fashion room and the store is called NS.
NS also has these Hate Me Pants at Siria's Fashion room (the outfit is called pants, but you get the top too). The small shape is included. I am also showing a pic with my own shape.

And Unforgetable Design has this sexy outfit called Future Girl in 4 colors at Siria's Fashion Room.
These lovely skins are called Rachel. You get 2 cleavage options and a make up layer is also included. They are by S1nners and they are available at Siria's Fahion Room.
Then I was standing at Cocoon for a while again as I was missing one necklace and I simply couldn't stand it NOT to get that necklace. Cocoon has 16 lucky boards with jewelry. But no R came up, at least not on the board with the necklace I was missing. However I met 2 of my readers there, Rosie and Tammie! Tammie gave me the TP I needed when finally an R was on the necklace board :) Thank you so much !! The lovely skin is by WoW skins, called Anna skin.
Tammie also gave me the tip of this next great skin. It is called Soha and it is the newest group gift by Inaya. Joining the group is free. You get 3 skintones and each skintone has 2 cleavage options.
And then I got this GREAT complete avatar by WoW skins. It is called Madlene and you get all I am showing you below and more. The jewelry, the lovely skins, shape, bleautiful blue eyes (not wearing them), the complete jeans outfit in several layers , eyelashes and several make-up layers. You can find this complete avatar on MARKETPLACE for 999 L$. Not cheap but a very complete package. Hair and shoes not included ! The hair is Moira by Tameless and the shoes are by BabyMonkey.

Then I went to Kastle Rock and stood at their 2 lucky chairs for a while. And I got some more GREAT outfits.

The fun thing is that if you are a Kastle Rock group member and you are wearing your group tag you have the chance to get a 50 L$ gift card just for being there. I was so lucky to get one. Then I found out they have a great section with very cheap dresses and gowns called Francesca's Affordable Eelegance !!! I got all these outfits below for my 50 L$ gift card !

And finally I clicked the Midnight Mania Board at Kastle Rock and it closed ! I got this very sexye lingerie set from the Midnight Mania board.