Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Hair Fair, some Purple Moon, some PIA

The Hair Fair has started and there are so many lovely  new designs there, it really should not be missed ! There are also loads of free gifts at the Hair Fair. You can find all INFO here. The Hair Fair runs till July 29th.
I have been running around there and I must say there is a lor of lag. PLEASE PLEASE use a low lag avatar, take off all hair, jewelry, shoes, weapons, AOs, and clothes. Just wear a hair base, bare feet and a very simple outfit like simple jeans and a tee. Who cares what you look like as long as you do not create lag!!!

And below you can see just a little part of the free gifts I found. This first one is by Red Mint, you get a heart on a pin there. All gifts are either free or 1 L$.
The hair I am wearing with the Red Mint heart on a pin is by Milano and it is called Mel hair. You get a lot of colors :)
The next hair is all from a goodie bag by Calico Ingmann Creations ! The first hair is called Silva and it has a beautiful pony tail. The bands are color change and there is a HUD uincluded so you can change the hair color too. There are too many options to show you, just an example.

Calico Ingmann Creations also has this hair in the Goodie Bag and it is called Liam (the longer hair). You also get a mirrored version. The other hair is called Bruce and you also get a mirrored version. Both hairstyles are actually for guys.
And this hair is called Kennedi and it is also in the Goodie Bag at Calico Ingmann Creations. You get the full version and you get a separate version: top and extensions.
Over to DamselFly. They have 2 gifts at their Hair Fair shop, Alux for guys (yes I am wearing it) and Roza for girls, both in several color tones.

The next hair from the Hair Fair is by Colors and you get a hughe color pack with soooo many colors.
Another color pack is available at Eski Mo. All color pack hairs are fully wearable, and you get all colors to chose from.
Last one for today is also a color sample pack, this time by Lamb. You get a cute bob to wear in all colors. You even get hair with roots !
Over to Purple Moon. They have a Managers Choice offer each week in 3 versions. This week it is this one and you can get it at the store for just 55 L$.
 The next 3 items are also Managers Choice items at Purple Moon, but these ones are 60 L$. A perfect way to get a great design for a low price !!
 Over to PIA (Pirate Arts). They have a LOT of great (mesh) GROUP GIFTS and joining the group is free. You can get shoes there, booties, sexy pants and At Pirate Arts ladies !! Everything I am showing you below is a group gift there, even the skins ! Only thye MESH top on the first picture is by Hucci (subscribo gift) but the cute pants, the handkerschief scarf and the shoes are by PIA.