Monday, July 30, 2012

I look sooo Toki Doki

I had never heard of Toki Doki untill my friend Mrokness Viper told me that they are having a sale. And you know I can't resist sales, so I hopped over and WOW...THANK YOU Mrokness, that was a great tip ! The bad thing is that the sale is just till TODAY, 30th of July.
Let me show what Mrokness wrote to me about the sale:
well sadly, the group isn't open to join now... but that's ok! i have something i'm sure you will love - and blog maybe :)  if you go to Toki-Doki, you will find that every day, 5 lines of clothing or accessories are marked 75% off, but you must find them :)  all colours included! but the MAIN attraction is, that upstairs you will find a small section of some of her clothes... for only 0-2L$ :)  cardigans, skirts, tops... it's worth it, really :)  you should check it and you'll love it :D
So I went there and this is what I found, cardigans, cute jackets, all kinds of tops and skirts and a lovely scarf. There is much more, this is just a small example.
The beautifull skin is by WoW skins, Madlene. And the fun hair is by Tameless, Tatiana (long version) and Moira (shorter version)

The elegant shoes I am wearing with all the Toki Doki outfits are the new group gift by Mary Jane shoes. The beautiful hair I am wearing is by Tameless, Tatiana and Moira. And the great skin is by WoW skins, Madlene.