Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July! Celebrating barefoot....

To all my American readers: HAPPY 4th of July!
I am just putting all the great clothes I found to wear on Independance day on this blog. Enjoy!
This first outfit is the gift by Shadow Moon. It actually is the GUYS outfit, but hey...I think it looks sexy (mesh though, so you need a mesh viewer to see it).
I am also showing you the Shadow Moon FEMALE outfit, which is also a great gift. It is a MESH dress, so check if your viewer supports it.
The next outfit is by Vero Modero and it is their newest group gift. This too is actually the MALE outfit...but you don't hear me complaining :)
And this is the female group gift by Vero Modero. Just join that group ladies, it is so worth it.
And these great bathing suits are also a group gift at Vero Modero for those who do not celebrate the 4th of July.
The next cute hat and kerchief are by Cilian'gel. She has this great accesoire as a gift and it goes well with all your regular outfits ..or with the 4th of July ones. There is a special offer because of the fact that Cilian'gel is celebrating their 4th anniversary! CONGRATULATIONS Cilia! This is what they offer:
During 4 days the Cilian'gel group will be free to join, starting the 4th of July.
Also during these 4 crazy days, 4 lucky Cilian'gel members will be randomly chosen to win a Cilian'gel clothing set of their choice.

This next outfit is the gift by Glitterati, wow what a lovely dress to wear! Makes it so hard to chose what to wear on this 4th of July!
And this outfit is by Glamorize and you can find it on MARKETPLACE. It is a MESH dress, but it is sooo elegant! 1 L$ for this lovely dress ladies.
The next top is from a fatpack of tops by BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) and it is completely free on Markerplace. I am wearing a cute skirt by MDL, also available on Marketplace, for just 1 L$.
Over to Thalia. They have this elegant dress as a gift on Marketplace. Oh boy with each find it got harder to decide what to wear !! And did you notice that I didn't find shoes yet? No worries...BabyMonkey has a GREAT new group gift, these lovely shoes....a fatpack for all group members !!
If you do not like your hair, maybe you like this hair by Alice Project better? it is their gift on the lucky chair. The tips are color change.
And if you do not like your skin you can hop over to Al Vulo and get the GREAT skin they have as a new group gift this month! The skin is called Julia.
Or you can go for the cute updo I got from the Midnight Mania board at Alli & Ali design. Just 50 clicks needed ladies !
Back to the 4th of July outfits. These great pants are the 4th of July gift by Poised. I styled them with a free tank by Jane.
Killa DesignZ has a great 4th of July outfit on Marketplace...comes with the fun tattoos, a flag and a butterfly.
And EC has this cute dress with bikini for all of us ...also on Marketplace.
Moulliez has a cute dress WITH shoes on Marketplace. It is called Stars & Stripes. Well the stripes are obvious, for the stars you have to zoom in...they are on the stripes.

These next 2 outfits are by Nada and both can be found on Marketplace. The first one is from 2010, well it is still a 4th of July dress :)
And this one is Nadas last 4th of July outfit. On Marketplace.
This  sexy bikini with shoes and jewelry is by Lyla and free on Marketplace.
And that was the last one for today.