Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Designer Circle special and just a few freebies

Let me start with this great outfit which is free at Hot Stuff. The 9th of July is the liberation day in Argentina and the designer of Hot Stuff is giving all the customers this great outfit to celebrate. Thank you so much. (shoes are included). There is also a sexy dollarbie at the store (shoes and jewelry and nails included) !!
And Curio Obscura has 2 lucky chairs with some really fun items. You have to be patient as the letters change every 30 minutes, but you can TP your friends over ofcourse. I got this....Butterflies dreaming they are an avatar...
L3S has these great shoes at the store for just 10 L$ ladies And they have this cute Tigre outfit with shoes, jewelry, tattoo and all for just 199 L$. It contains mesh parts so you need a mesh viewer if you want to see it.

L3S also has a Midnight mania board with the black MAIDER outfit on it. And a lucky chair with lovely black shoes. The Princes outfit is for sale for just 25 L$ at L3S.

The rest of the blog is just the Designer Circle ladies. I explained it several times before, in the Designer Circle a lot of great designers put one or more of their designs for sale for just 100 L$ or less. It is a great way to get to know the designers and their designs for a very low price. The offers are valif to July 19th, then the offers change again. So don't wait too long to teleport over and have a look. The first shop I want to blog which has a great offer at the Designer Circle is Step Inside. I love their skins and you get a pack with 3 skintones and 2 cleavage options at the Designer Circle. Can't believe it !!!
This elegant poses are by Ilaya and they are called Womanly. Available at the Designer Circle. You get 6 poses.
This lovely (mesh) dress is by P.I.X.X.I.S. and it is also available at the Designer Circle. The dress is called Mini Time and it is available in peach or in lemon. The cute flats are included. The lovely bow necklace is by FairyTailz (older group gift, store closed).

P.I.X.X.I.S. also has a great butterfly tattoo available at the Designer Circle for just 1 L$.
And this dress is by Baboom for the Designer Circle and it is called Mini dress pink. The elegant cream boots are included. It is a MESH gown. Baboom also has a lovely Glamour Corset Green outfit at the Designer Circle. The jewelsy and shoes are included. (remember: all items are 100 L$ or less!).
You could decide to wear the lovely jewelry set with leopard print by SMEXY with these lovely dresses. You can get it at the Designer Circle.
Smexy also has these very elegant wrnkled boots at the Designer Circle and some cute black clogs for just 1 L$.

Barely Legal has a very cute outfit at the Designer Circle, calles PicNic with my Boyfriend. A sexy corset (mesh) and a pair of great jeans ! Barely Legal also has a cute bikini for 1 L$ and panties for free (not shown).
I styled it with a picnic bag by DarkMouse (closing on the 16th of July, they have a closing sale).
The next shop is Kennedy's. They have a greaft FLIRT outfit (shoes and jewelry included) at the Designer Circle but that's not all ! They also have these great colo9r change struthers at the Designer Circle!! I was playing around with them and you can really change every part, laces, sole, upper, socks, really great !!

Another store that has a lovely outfit at the Designer Circle is GraffitiWear (shoes are included). They have this great top and pants set as an offer at the Designer Circle!
Headturners also is participating in the Designer Circle and they have these cute striped lips as an offer and the cool sunglasses and WOW the great make up with feather eyelashes! At the Designer Circle ladies !!