Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Designer Circle and Violet Mafia and free prim feet.

Today just 2 different stores ladies, because they have so many great things. I blogged the Designer Circle before as you all know, but I will repeat what the Designer Circle is all about. In this Designer Circle a lot of great designers offer one or more of their items for just 100 L$ or less. It is a perfect way to get to know designers and their design for a very low price.
All items I am showing are available at the DESIGNER CIRCLE (100 L$ or less) but I am giving you also the landmarks to the stores of the designers so you can go there too if you like the designs.
Let me start today with the lovely MESH dresses P.I.X.X.I.S. has at the Designer Circle. You can get this elegant dress in blue or pink. And the lovely matching bangles are just 1 L$. The elegant shoes are by Baby Monkey and they are called Audrey pumps (not free, but very affordable).

Another dress you can get at the Designer Circle in blue or pink is the Maika dress by Mayden Couture. Whilst the P.I.X.X.I.S. dresses are elegant these Mayden Couture dresses are fun Maika dresses.

You could decide to wear the beautiful Nature's Presents jewelry sets by Vincenza Rosca with these dresses. The 2 sets are available at the Designer Circle and each is just 99 L$. You can color change them with an easy to use hud.

Or you could wear the lovely make-up by Headturners with these dresses. You get a pack with great red lipsticks at the Designer Circle or you get a lovely green make-up.

And finally these elegant poses are perfect....I simply love them. They are by Pink Insidious and you get 5 lovely poses for 100 L$ or less. The poses are called Malevolent poses and you can get them at the Designer Circle.

Over to Violet Mafia. I actually have blogged them before, but it is simply a too great store to forget about. A lot of designers have put a free gift there for new arrivers to pick up (but what the heck, I am an old time user and I picked them up too). All I am showing you below is available for free at Violet Mafia. The names are links to the stores of the designers which are so generous to put the gifts up at Violet Mafia.
This first dress is by LURVE.
And this bloody or not bloody dress is by 1 Hundred.

The next dress is a gift by Blue Blood.
Over to Immerschön and they have this outfit at Violet Mafia as a giftie.
Sassy has this lovely sexy outfit for you.
This short in 3 versions is the gift by [NN]. The top is by HairArt. HairArt also has this black polo shirt and blue hair at Violet Mafia as a gift.

And this cute top you get from American Bazaar and the elegant earrings are by Pink Bandaid. All at Violet Mafia.
These last tops are by Zarconia. All at Violet Mafia.
Last one for today: free prim feet. You can find them at the rear end of the Inside Art Gallery. They are rather hard to adjust, especially the skin tone is hard to change.