Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Designer Circle, U.One, Pixelsnobs, Bubblez, Devicious and more Violet Mafia

I am still not done with the lovely outfits and hair The Designer Circle store has. In the Designer Circle a lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs for 100 L$ max, but usually less. One of the participants is Calico Ingmann Creations, and they have these 2 versions of the lovely Genevieve hair at the Designer Circle. The short version is called Genevieve 1, the version with extensions is called Genevieve 2. The hair is color change with a hud and you also get the elegant hair jewel which you also can color change with a hud.
The hair comes in all hairtones.

The next hair is also by Calico Ingmann Creations and it is also available at the Designer Circle. This fun hair is called Angie and you can grab a fatpack with all colors for just 1 L$.
Another designer participating in the Designer Circle is Essencial. They have this cute BLue Striped dress at the Designer Circle. The watch necklace is included. You can also find these very sexy monokinis called Leopard g-string mononkinis at the Designer Circle. Remember: all is 100 L$ or less.

I am wearing the cute Angie hair with the beautiful Summer Gowns GraffitiWear has at the Designer Circle. You can get it in black or red and the shoes are included.

Over to U.One. Almost all in their store is free of just 1 L$ and they have tons of mesh clothing. Like this elegant dress, which you can get for just 1 L$ in several different textures. The cute top below the dress is a freebie at U.One.
U.One also has this elegant boho skirt for just 1 L$ (comes in a lot of other textures and it is mesh). I am wearing a free tank top by Jane with this skirt and the lovely jewelry is by WTG jewelry (former freebie).
Another long boho mesh skirt can be found at *Ribbon*. They have 3 lucky boards at their new store. I am wearing a berry top (mesh) by Pixelsnobs with this skirt. Pixelsnobs has several lucky boards and I got the top from one of them. The cute ruffled dress is also from the lucky boards at Pixelsnobs.
Bubblez also has lots of lucky boards and I was so lucky to get the outfits below from their lucky boards. Some are GROUP ladies, but the group is free to join.

Then my friend Gaea told me Devicious had a great gift (not a group gift) for everyone. And I got a TP from her to get this great outfit including the shoes. Thanks Gaea !!

Over to Violet Mafia. A lot of great designers give out a free item from their collection and there are some gems to find there ! I am showing you waht I found at Violet Mafia, and I am giving you the LM to the designers store with the pictures. Just in case you like the design so much you want to see more ! But remember: what is shown is only available at Violet Mafia.
This outgit including the tattoos is by Goth1c0.
And this outfit is by GPD inclucing the boots.
This outfit is by Pretty Kitties including the tail, ears and shoes All these outfits are available at Violet Mafia.
The next outfit is by C r u s h.
And the last one for today is by AlterEgo.