Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime...

OHLALA I have over 100.000 visitors on my blog :) Thank you all !
I simply love the sun and the summertime. Especially now that I have this cute new car and I can go for a drive along the beach. Wearing my new jeans and new sneakers ofcourse. The car is a hunt gift in the DSL hunt by Hogs & Cardwheels. You have to find a round black box in this hunt with a flower on it. But the car is sooooooo incredible CUTE!!
The jeans and sneakers are also a gift in the DSL hunt, this time by V&M.
You have to be a gipsy though to predict the weather in summer in the Netherlands. Thank goodness I got this Tarot table at TnT Palais. It is their gift in the DSL hunt. I can predict now that this hunt runs till July 16th and that you have to hurry to get these lovely prices.
But if the sun is shining you can go to the beach, wearing something like this lovely bikini, which is the DSL hunt price at Kennedy's. You also get the great flip flops. You only have to find that round black box at the store !
Or this cute summer outfit by Intrepid, which is also hidden inside the box from the DSL hunt.
You could plan a picknick with your friends....and shop for groceries first. This bag with all ingredients for a date night or a picknick is the hunt price at Vaughans. Find the round black box in the store.
Or you could just go out for an icecream, which you can find inside the hunt box at ODB. There is one more ice cream flaver in the box...I won't tell you which one or what it does...but it is FUN.
If you go out for an icecream you could wear this lovely summer dress by Xplosion. You can wear it plain, with some flowers or with a lot of flowers. And with no bra, with a white bra or with a black bra.

And if the evenings turn colder you can wear this elegant blazer, which is the DSL hunt gift at Le Primitif. So go hunting have till the 16th of July to find these darned black boxes.
Or you could decide to go sailing with your friends. In which case you could decide to wear this lovely gift by L3S. The jewelry and the tattoos are included.
Or you can wear the great baggy pants 22769 has put up as a price in the CMFBH hunt. (Cover my furry butt hunt, find a pink paw print at the stores). The striped shirt is by Sn@tch and I won't go anywhere without my Ipad, not even sailing. So I am taking the cute totebag with me, which is a group gift by Coco. Inside the tote is an Ipad :)
22769 also has released a new mens line with some really lovely MESH items. I am showing you the (mens) pants and polo they have released. They come in several colors. The cute bag is an older gift by DarkMouse (closing sale till July 16th).
You might have noticed my bare feet (by N-Core, not free) which is not a very good idea when you go sailing. So you can decide to wear the cute new sneakers by Viviane Fashion. They are called Canvas sneakers Wild Flower and they are 99 L$ per pair.
Another great outfit to go sailing is the next one, which I got from the lucky boards at Bubblez.  Walk into the store and then to the right and you will find the boards. Some are group but the group is free to join. I love this black and white outfit. And the great poses are called Devlish Poses by Pink Insidious (not free but VERY affordable).
Or you can wear this outfit when going sailing. Ripped pants and a cute bodywarmer. From the lucky boards at Bubblez.
The next outfit is also form the Lucky boards at Bubblez. But this elegant dress is perfect for a stroll along the boulevard after sailing...
And this dress is perfect for the evening with your boyfriend. A lovely elegant little black dress, great for clubbing or dancing. You can get it from the lucky boards at Bubblez. And the boa you can wear in your mouth of not.
With this cute dress you can wear the sweet black shoes Patulas House is giving away as a gift. There are also great boots there for just 1 L$.
And in the morning of this day your skin will look like this gift by The Skin Within. The skin is called Adhira and you have to look for the gift box on the floor. Comes with the shape.
And after a day at the beach you can switch to this gift skin by The Skin Within. It is called Nadia. And the shape is also included.