Monday, July 30, 2012

Diamonds are a girls best friend !

But believe me doesn't have to be a diamond necklace. I simply love all jewelry. I love the fun 60th earrings Aidoru has at their store (the earrings are a gift in the Past & Future hunt) and they go sooo great with their new 60th MESH dress. It is hippie style all over. Not free but very affordable (150 L$ this next week, after that week 180 L$)!
The next dress is a rectification. Vero Modero send out the wrong dress they are giving as a gift in the It's so PINK hunt. I blogged it yesterday but this is the correct gift in the It's so PINK hunt at Vero Modero.
And then I went to Cocoon. Or maybe the store is called Three Hearts, I coul'dn't figure it out. Anyway they have SIXTEEN lucky boards, 8 with earrings and 8 with matching necklaces. The letters change every 5 minutes and there are also lots of ?. I was very lucky to get almost all ! Look below.

Hair makes me happy too and Alli & Ali Hair have changed their group and voting gifts at their mainstore. They always change on Friday so don't wait too long to pick them up ! There is also a hughe ACTION WALL and group members get a 50% discount if they wear their group tag.

Alli & Ali hair have lots of freebies for a limited time in their MARKETPLACE store. The names of the hairstyled below are links to the free hair.
This hair is called Beachy.
This hair is called Rod.
This hair is called Nikki.
The next hair is the newest lucky board gift at Hinako Hair.
And this hair is the newest release by Hinako hair. The hair is called JK ! Topknot.
And this lovely hair is from the lucky boards at D!va.
Last but not least are the lovely designs Hot Stuff has as an exclusive at the Vanity Fair. The Vanity Fair has started on the 28th of June and it runs till Ausgust 11th. Hot Stuff has this lovely skin there, the Yael outfit in 3 versions and the cute peach dress with the tongue.