Sunday, July 29, 2012

Paris Metro, Sascha's Design, Tameless, SLC, Resun, Bliss, VelvetRhytms, Vero Modero and Violet Mafia

I simply love the Paris Metro gowns. They float like water around you and the colors are amazing. Rose is a gifted designer and very generous too, this lovely gown is a gift by Paris Metro at The Nest. The gown is called You are Goddess.
Sascha's Design has a lovely new 60 L$ offer, the elegant Sari dress. Or you can get the fun Miss Sixty dress for just 60 L$. The offers will be there for 2 weeks.
The elegant silk shoes are by Patula's from their wall with free and 1 L$ items.

THe very cute hair I am wearing with the pink Miss Sixty dress is by Tameless and it is their newest release. I love it !! The hair is called Moira and it comes in all hair tones. 4 color packs are 199 L$ each, and you can get all colors for just 799 L$.
Serina Lacava Creations has these  great 60 L$ offers this weekend only ! After the weekend the cute Mesh bikinis and the elegant Lissee dresses will be back to their normal price !!

Resun has this lovely gown as a gift at their store. Not to miss this one ladies, it is very elegant and free.
Over to Bliss Couture. They have this lovely dress as a new group gift !
VelvetRythms has many Midnight Mania boards ladies and this is what I got there! TP your friends in and get clicking !! The orange pants are actually for guys and you get a zipped and an unzipped version. The top is a freebie by Jane.

The next dress is the gift by Vero Modero in the It's So PINK hunt. The hunt starts on the 1st of August and you can find all details HERE.
A few days ago I went to Violet Mafia as my regular readers will have noticed. I am just showing you what I got there. All items below are gifts of Second Life Designers, for which I want to thank them so much ! You can get them at Violet Mafia, but I am also giving you the landmarks to the designers store in case you want to see more of their design.
This fun dress is the gift by Indigo Oddities.
You could decide to get the shoes by Demotik to wear with this great dress. You also get a pair of sneakers.
Or you could get the ChOoOz shoes at Violet Mafia.
The shoes above will also go great with the gift by Sassy at Violet Mafia.
This dress is a gift by Hot Stuff at Violet Mafia.
Oh you want shoes that go with this dress too? Grab the ones by Kennedy's, called Fuck me shoes :) At Violet Mafia ladies !