Monday, July 9, 2012

Hats and bags PART 1.

Hats & Bags or Bags & think I can fill a whole blog with that? Oh believe me...I can even fill two.
I came up with the idea when someone in the FabFree group was looking for a specific hat and she couldn't find it. Then I started to look...and I came up with a lot of hats. So for those ladies who are looking for a hat or bags (I stumbled over some great bags too) this blog will be paradise :)
ALL hats on this blog are either free or 1 L$.

Let me start with the very cute hat that Curio Obscura has in their lucky chairs. You need a lot of patience though because there are only 2 chairs, the gifts change and the letters change only every 30 minutes. But it is worth it, I got the cute lampshade hair from these chairs too.
And this cute hat is a dollarbie (1 L$) at JE Republic. They also have a cute bag for 1 L$. The hat is called Magic Dream, the bag is called La vie est belle.
And this tiny hat I found on Marketplace. it is by Alexandre skins & fashion.
The next three hats are by Lode and they are all on Marketplace. You can find the blue one HERE, the green one HERE and the pink one HERE.

Or you can go for this hat, which is by Izumiya and it is totally free.
Yzumiya also has hair-with-hat and some cute bags for free.
Izumiya also has a cute cap with hair (not really a hat but close enough).
Another hat with hair is this great one by Edelstore. You can find it on Marketplace and it is called Jazz.
I really found more this big summery one by Tesla. The hat is called Pimpin and it is available on Marketplace.
These hats with hair are by Tuty's and they are called wicker hats with hair (why didn't I come up with such a great name?).
This elegant summer hat comes with the fun flip flops and you can find it on Marketplace. It is by Herby Loire Fashion.
This summer hat is in linen with elegant green piping. You can find it on Marketplace. It is by Plausible body.
And these hats come in a pack of 5. They are perfect for summer with the cute butterflies and all. You can find the whole pack on Marketplace and they are by Stella Friedlander.

Or maybe you like a cowboy hat? I found that one too, also on Marketplace.
The next cowboy hat comes with the lovely blond hair. It is by Helena Ellsmere and it is called Brown leather hat. On Marketplace ladies.
This Fedora hat is called Star fish Fedora and I found it on Marketplace. It is by Eku Zhong.
And the next hat is by SaDalBaRi design and it is also on Marketplace. The hair comes with the hat.
I found some more inter hats and I know it is summer now but I still wanted to show them to you. Like this cute hat and scarf by KKBB on Marketplace.
Or this winter hat with ice crystals on it. Comes with the scarf and it is called Christmas hat purple. It is by Lika Meili on Marketplace and it is FULL PERM.
These funny hats are by +9 and they are called Pom pom knit caps. You get all 4 on Marketplace.

Over to some bags. This cute red bag is by JE Republic and you can find it at their inworld store.
And this cute clutch is free on Marketplace. It is by A.M.K.R.
I want to finish this blog with a fun bag I found on my trip along Marketplace. This bag filled with yummy donuts is by SokenKid and it is so much fun. The mouth donut keeps changing color!