Saturday, July 14, 2012

The HAIR FAIR , SLC, Siria's Fashion Room and AMKR..

The HAIR FAIR has started and lots of great designers are showing their newest creations ! As I am a hair addict I couldn't resist to show you some of the lovely hair. These first hardo's are by ChiChickie and you can find them on the HAIR FAIR ladies. 200 L$ for a 4 color pack. I love the wild curly hair, called Deliliah. It comes with a tiny Fedora which you can change in color (not shown).

HINAKO is also paritcipating in the HAIR FAIR and they have the next lovely hair there !

Hinako is also participating in the Okinawa Summer Festival and you can get the lovely Ryu Limited in pink there for just 1 L$. (showing you more options but the 1 L$ hair is the pink one).

Over to the 60 L$ offers by SLC. A lovely elegant mesh gown called Mesh Empire dress is this weekend only 60 L$.  Just showing you 2 options, but there are quite a lot of different textures.
 Then I went to Siria's Fashion room. They have so many great offers, a lot of great designers present one or more of their items for 100 L$ or less there. A great way to fill your inventory with great designs for a low price ! And a great way to get to know the designers ! Let me start with the lovely platinum hair I found there. It is by Pelle and the hair is called Bianca and it is available at Siria's Fashion room.
The next shop which presents their design there is WOW skins. If you were wondering which skin I was wearing on my blog today: it is the lovely Anna skin with cleavage hich you can find at Siria's Fashion room, designed by WOW skins.
There is more at Siria's Fashion room ! How about the Chic Only (mesh) top by NS Cutie shapes They are offering another great outfit, called Cute Outfit,  at Siria's Fashion room too, a great set which includes a top, pants, shoes and the very cute belt. The top is just 30 L$, the Cute outfit you can own for just 70 L$.

The next skins are also available at Siria's Fashion room and they are by Sinners. The skins are called Spicy and they come with several make-up options too.
The last from Siria's Fashion Room is this awesome (mesh) gown by Unforgetable Design. You can find it at Siria's Fashion room for 100 L$ or less. The gown is called Rose Dress.
A.M.K.R. has a few very nice gifts at their store and they have a few lucky boards too ! Look what I got there ! A lovely hair accesoiry, bangles, cute leggings in 2 colors and a great painters top :)