Thursday, July 12, 2012

Siria's Fashion Room, Designer Loft, BabyMonkey and Alice Project

As you all know I blog The Designer Circle, Siria's Fashion Room and the Designers Loft. They all have the same concent: well known designers put one or more of their designs up for 100 l$ or less. It is a great way to get to know the designers and their designs for a very low price !
I blogged the Designer Circle before, and today I want to start with a few things from Siria's Fashion Room. I am giving you the landmarks to the stores too, just in case you want to see more from this designer.

This first elegant outfit is by MEB for Siria's Fashion Room. A lovely set with pants and a top and a push up bra. I styled the lovely outfit with a free bag from Mischief.
The next designer at Siria's Fashion Room is Angela Ronsein. She has this cute black and white dress there, called Lenia.
You can wear the beautiful jewelry set by AB Creations with the outfits above. It is so well made and so detailed! You can find it at Siria's Fashion Room.
Last one from Siria's Fashion room for today is So&So. I blogged their great tattoos before and this time they put a lovely peacock design tattoo in black and white or in color at Siria's Fashion Room.
Over to the Designers Loft. They follow the same concept and they have these beautiful bangles by Beautycode in their loft. Remember: all items are 100 L$ or less!
I found these bows by July's at the Designers loft too.
July's also has these great pants at the Designers Loft and I styled the pants with the beautiful corset by Desire, which is also available at the Designers Loft.
Then I went to BabyMonkey. I already knew that BabyMonkey has 9 lucky boards with shoes. I got these great shoes there, you just have to be a little patient to get them. The letters change every 10 minutes.

What I didn't know was that BabyMonkey also has 9 lucky chairs with lovely clothing UPSTAIRS. You just walk up the stairs and then go to the right, you cannot miss them. I got this elegant evening dress (mesh) there. The gown is called Soir Ombre and the jewelry is by Alienbear (not free).
And I got the cute blue Fabia dress (mesh) there too ! The elegant bow necklace is an older gift by FairyTailz (shop closed).

Alice Project also has a few great lucky boards. There are so many hairstyles inside that I can't get enough of these lucky boards ! I was so lucky to get a few more....The hair is MESH ladies so you need a mesh viewer to see it. With the Bella hair my advice is to wear a hairbase, it is not included and on my head size there were gaps between the hair (look at the blond version).

As you can see the hair by Alice Project is mod, so you can change the color in edit. This is what it looks like if you change it to red (like I did).