Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's weekend, ready for some hunting?

But I am not going to start with the hunt, I am going to start with some lovely free hair. It only takes a little waiting at some lucky boards ;)
This first hair is by Alice Project, from their lucky boards. Don't forget to click the Midnight Mania board ladies, just 50 clicks needed. The hair changes on the lucky boards, so you might get another version.
And most of the hair is color change or the streaks are color change.

Then I went to RubiSoho. You have to join the group to get the hair from their lucky boards, but joining is free. They have plenty boards and the letters change fast.


I am wearing the cute Suki hair with the newest subscribo gift by GraffitiWear, which is the lovely jewelry on the picture. The elegant golden brown top is the newest VIP gift at GraffitiWear.
I got this lovely gown at the White Armory. It is their newest group gift and it is a beautiful gown. My pics really don't do it justice...I always have problems photographing white dresses or gowns so if any of you have a solution PLEASE let me know.
Coco has many great group gifts, amont them are very cute red sparkly shoes, bare feet, lots of clothes and a super tote bag in black and pink. But they also have this cute parka in 3 colors as a gift. I styled the parka with free jeans by HOC Industries and with a free tank by Jane. The cute shoes are by BabyMonkey (blogged yesterday, group gift).
And Hot Stuff has a lovely new group gift, this lovely dress including shoes and a necklace. The dress is called Sookie.
Hot Stuff also changed their Midnight Mania board gift: you get this elegant lingerie set including shoes andnecklace IF the board closes. So TP your friends in to get it !!
My friend Jaguar Pearl told me about this next great freebie. You can get it at F&F Store. The shoes and jewelry are included. Thanks Jaguar !
Over to the DSL hunt (Depraved Summer Love hunt). You can find a hint and link page HERE, which is very helpful. In this hunt you are looking for a round black box with a purple flower on it. If you find this box at Sakide you get a hughe package with a very sexy dress in 2 colors.

And if you go over to Avisage you get this elegant colorful top. But you have to find that round box first to be able to wear it ! ( am wearing a tanktop by Jane with this top and jeans by HOC industries).
Thirtheen has this great outfit for you hidden in the DSL box. Cute capris and a lovely top. So find that box ladies if you want to own this outfit.
You could decide to get the great bracelets by Pichi. You can find them inside the round black box from the DSL hunt.
Last one for today is the sexy underwear by Barbie Bitch. It is their gift in the DSL hunt.