Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Dirty Little Secret about hair

Today I am going to bog a lot...simply because I found a lot. Most of it will be hair, but also clothes and the beautiful WOW skins. As you can see I have been wearing the lovely Anna skin by WoW skins for a while on my blog now. You can find it at Siria's Fashion room for 100 L$ or less. But WoW skins also has released a beautiful new skin called Anaïs. This skin comes in 3 skintones: milk, tan and deep tan. And each tone comes in 4 make-up versions and a natural version. You can find the Anaïs skin also on MARKETPLACE. As it is a new release it is NOT FREE!
But they are gorgious...look below (the shape is included, I am showing you the skins on my own shape).

I went to the Designer Circle to have a look at the shape M&M has on offer there. All designers in the Designer Circle offer one or more of their designs for 100 L$ or less. This shape is one of them. The shape is called Misha, my own shape is on the right.
And Calico Ingmann Creations has some GREAT hair at the Designer Circle ! You can get the fatpack of their Bella hair there or the fatpack of Tamra. Ohh I love that hair! You can change the color of the hair with an easy to use color hud.
Calico Ingmann Creations has the ZOE hair at the Designer Circle for just 1 L$ and you get a hughe fatpack of this hair.

BeautyCode is participating in the My Sale Boudoir Festival. They offer the lovely Monestone Earrings and rings for just 99 L$ there. Or you can get the beautiful Moonstone necklace for 99 L$ too. If you like the purple earring better: those are available for just 20 L$ and the silver bracelets are FREE!

Next is Dirty Little Secret. They have a LOT of group gifts and they are all different ! There is no need to join the group, you can get the group gifts even without being in the group (maybe a mistake?). Look below what I got there, glasses, necklace, earrings, scarf, a lovely white dress with flats and bangles (MESH), and a sexy top with shorts and flats (MESH) and a lovely bow as a Valentine gift (the black shirt and leggings are not included).

And I got this lovely summer capri set at Dirty Little Secret too (MESH)! I am wearing the newest hair by Alli & Ali Hair with this outfit. The hair is called Minerva hair and you can wear it with or without extensions. You can get it for a limited time for free on MARKETPLACE (only the red version).
Alli & Ali hair changed their group gifts and voting gifts too at the MAINSTORE and you can get the lovely Minerva hair in light blond as a voting gift there or the strawberry blond Minerva hair as a group gift. The group and voting gifts change every FRIDAY at noon so don't wait too long to get the hair.

Then I found that Alli & Ali are also on the HAIR FAIR and they have some lovely new releases there. You can get a few for free as a gift too (the ones on my own avatar).