Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hair Fair, Sn@tch and Pixelsnobs

I have so many pics left with Hair Fair hair, so I will just quickly start and try to get them all on this blog. Here is the INFOPAGE about the Hair Fair. It is open till July 29th.
This first hair is by Chichickie and it is called Jia. You get a pack with many colors and a lovely extra: ZEN hairpins. So elegant!!

And this updo is by Lollipopz and it is called Liana. You get 4 colors.
Another updo is the gift by MiaMai on the Hair fair. The hair is called Halla and you get many colors.
The next updo is by MagPie and it is called She used to be a pearl. You get a bright pink version !
Then I found this hair at Diorsis. You get a male hairdo, called Massimo, and a female hairdo called Amber.
Over to Hair Addictive. They have a HUGHE goodie bag with hair and with cute shoes !!

Another great pack is the gift by Rosy Mood. You get not only a fatpack with lovely hair called Spring, but you also get a pair of very cute shoes!

Then I went to Iren and they have a lovely hairdo in 2 tones as a gift at the Hair Fair.
I am wearing the great Iren hairdo with the lucky board prices I got at SN@TCH. They have changed their Lucky Boards gifts and this is what I got: A lovely short dress with a top in lots of colors. Knee protectors in several colors. Boots. And a lovely cocktail dress in several colors. I also got belly piercings (not shown) and eyes (not shown).

Then I stood at the lucky chairs at PixelSnobs for a while. Their 6 lucky chairs contain lovely (mesh) tops, pants, skirts. The letters change fast so your letter will come up fast too. I also joined the Pixelsnob group and got a great group gift: a laced jumpsuit. The group is still small but if you join (it is free) and they reach 1000 members, you will get a free fatpack :)