Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day and 4th of July...

I didn't even know it is Canada Day today but Vivi from Viviane Fashion told me it is today. So to all Canedian readers: Happy Canada day ! An on this day you can wear the Canada items from Viviane Fashion. She put out a hughe box with Canadian outfits and USA outfits for just 10 L$. You get all the shoes, flip flips, high tops, pumps and flats too makes it even more a celebration!

Then I got this cute free teeshirt from Lash Wear. Perfect for Canada Day and it is unisex.
Another great dress for the 4th of July is the hunt gift in the Red White and Blue hunt at Vero Modero. You can find the HINT page HERE. They are participating in a lot of hunts at the time being and you get so many great gifts that you really should go hunting there ladies!
These lovely bikinis are the hunt gift in the Summer Lovin'hunt at Vero Modero and you get the lovely sheer pareo as a gift too.

And this Hawaiian outfit is the hunt gift in the Punk your World hunt at Vero Modero
This scary skin is the hunt gift in the Dark Birthday Hunt at Vero Modero.
I have one more offer from the Designer Circle ladies. This time it is the lovely hair by Calico Ingmann Creations. There are 2 fatpacks to get for 100 L$ or less, the lovely Eleanor and Kara hair.

And there is a dollarbie (1 L$) by Calico Ingmann Creations at the Designer Circle. This hair is called Kimberley.
This next outfit is the newest group gift by LUZIFEE. So why don't you TP over to LUZIFEE and join their group? And take a look around ...she has lovely clothes :)
I found some really lovely skins ladies. This first one is the gift from one of the GROUP lucky boards at Shiva. Joining the group is free. This lovely skin is called Fairy.
The next skins are all by Urban Girl. You can find them on Marketplace for just 10 L$ per pack and you get a shape too, and you also get tons of lipsticks and eyes. The names abiove the skins are the links.
This skin is called Maya.
This skin is called Nina 1.
This skin is called Nina 2.
This skin is called Tara.
The next skin is by S.H.O.C.K. and you can also find it on Marketplace. It is 1 L$ and it is called Kisha.
I found some more goodies on Marketplace, like this cute outfit by Valyria. The outfit is called Melissa and it is free. Including the boots :)
I also found these great cargo pants. They are by Marie Ruggles and it is the Cute jeans green pack. You get it for jus1 L$. I am wearing a top by My Tees with this pair of jeans, called NOOO LAGGGGG and don't we want that all?
I also styled the jeans by Marie Ruggles with the cute UK tee by Orsini (mesh).
You can also get these boots for just 1 L$ on Marketplace. They are by Vels Boutique but I have to warn you: the heels are rather ugly.