Friday, July 27, 2012

It's all about skins.

Today just skins ladies and believe me there are many beautiful skins around in SL. Let me start with the WoW skins. WoW skins is participating in the Vanity Fair event and this event starts on July 28th and runs till August 11th.
WoW skins has these lovely skins especially for this event.
This first skin is called Chiara and the second skins are called Nadia. They come with 2 cleavages and different make-up styles.

WoW skins is also participating in the Vintage Fair event which starts at August 4th and runs till August 29th.  And you can find these great WoW skins there. The skin is called Tessa.
Over to the Designer Circle. These lovely skins are offered there by Step Inside and they are called Bella skins. There are 3 different skintones you can chose from. And remember: all at the Designer Circle is 100 L$ or less.

Then I found this lovely make up at the Designer Circle. Perfect to wear with your favorite skin! It is by Eyelure, and Eyelure also has this great orange daisy hairband at the Designer Circle.

The next skins are by U.One. The lovely Cupcake skin is free.

And this skin is also by U.One and you can get it for just 1 L$. It is called Milkshake skin.
More skins ..well I was at Violet Mafia as you saw yesterday and I found quite a lot of skins there ! The skins below are all at VIOLET MAFIA, not at the designers stores but I will give you a link to their stores anyway, just in case you want to see more of their designs. All skins at Violet Mafia are free gifts by designers.
This first skin is by Libertine, and the skins are called Ashe skins. But you don't only get a skin, you get a shape too and eyes and hair...actually a complete avatar!! At Violet Mafia.

And this skin is by PixyStix skins. You get loads of dirrerent skin tones.

The next skin is also at Violet Mafia and it is by Dulce Secrets. The skins are called Grace Riesling skins. You also get a shape to go with the skins. All available at Violet Mafia.
Dulce Secrets also has a GREAT 55 L$ skin at heir mainstore. This weeks $55L skin from the Merlyn skin series and Merlyn comes in 5 skin tones.  The sultry dark blue eyes and pale pink glossy lips makes Merlyn a red-hot summer skin must have.
And Dulce Secrets is participating in the Summer Lovin' hunt from July 7th to July 28th. SO ONLY ONE DAY LEFT !!! But if you find the hunt item ( a turquoise heart) at their store you will get this elegant Primia skin !
This skin is by The Little bat at Violet Mafia. You get several skin tones.
This skin is by KYxe. Available at Violet Mafia.
And the last one for today is by Flawless and it is called Faith. The shape is by Panda Punx and both are available at Violet Mafia.