Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Siria's Fashion Room, Paris Metro, Aidoru, Felicity shoes, VelvetRythms and some shoes.

Today another post about Siria's Fashion Room. All items at Siria's Fashion room are by great designers and they just charge you max 100 L$ but usually less.  The offers change every few weeks, so don't wait too long to take a look !
The first beauty is this dress by Guiliadesign, called Yris. You can find this dress at Siria's Fashion room and the jewelry and shoes are included.
Another beautiful sexy outfit is by D.I.N. and it is called Lucylla in black. You can find it at Siria's Fashion room. The sexy boots are included.
To wear with these lovely dresses you can decide to get this Pelle skin, called Linda skin Fuxia. You will find it at Siria's Fashion room.
Over to Paris Metro. They have 2 beautyful new releases (so NOT free!). This first one is called Elemantal Ruby Mermaid gown and you can find it at the Paris Metro Mainstore.

These next gowns are called Frill of it and they come in several beautiful colors. I love the frill on the front of this gown! It is also a new release, so NOT free. Take a look at it in the Paris Metro Mainstore.

To wear with these gowns or with your jeans and shirt Aidoru has created some lovely 70th jewelry. It is a whole set, earrings, 2 necklaces and bracelets in a beautiful copper color.  Just 150 L$ this week as it is a new release, 180 L$ after this week.
Or you can wear this beautiful make up with your gowns. It is by Eyelure and the Just eyes package is on offer at the Eyelure mainstore for just 50 L$.
The set with full make up is also by Eyelure. You get 4 lovely full make ups for 50 L$ in the Eyelure Marketplace store or at the mainstore.
Then I found some great shoes to wear with your gowns and dresses. They are by Felicity and they are group gifts. Joining the group is 30 L$ but it it totally worth it. You get even more group gifts (I blogged them before). Just look for the boxes on the shop floor.

Over to VelvetRythms. They also have shoes and i got these shoes from their Midnight Mania boards. I also got 2 lovely outfits and a male open shirt...very sexy may I add. All from the Midnight Mania boards at VelvetRythms.

Actually there is enough on my blog, but as part of it is not free I will add a few more goodies I found at Violet Mafia. You need to be a group member but joining is free. All what I am showing you below is free and available at Violet Mafia. Like these very cute booties by Aidoru.

Or like these Fuck Me shoes by Kennedy's. Remember: available at Violet Mafia.
Or these elegant city sbooties by Lourdes of London.