Friday, July 20, 2012

It's all about hair...

Well it is all about hair. Don't we all feel great when we have a great hairday? I do ! But let me start with Leezu. Leezu is having a Deal me in hunt which only runs ONE more day (till July 21st). First you have to get a GROUP TAG. Then you have to find 12 playing cards at the store, one in each part of the store. When you have found them all you have to put them in a folder and chose one of the lovely outfits which are on the notecard of the hunt. I chose this GREAT Westwood coat in green, but there are more lovely outfits to win, like the Noir SinSin which was a present to me by my dear friend Sue Trallis. Thank you so much Sue :) I love it.
The lovely hair is a gift at the Hair Fair by Chichickie. It is called Jia and you also get the Zen hair jewelry.

To get back to the title: never a bad hairday if you hop over to Alice Project. I got this lovely hair there, It is called Wonderland and you can change the streaks into darker or lighter. It is from their lucky boards and so is the dark Mina hair. And I got the Wonderland II hair also from their lucky boards !

I am wearing the Wonderland hair by Alice Project with the elegant Anastasia in champagne gown by 22769. It is their newest outfit at The Gallery Gift Shop. 22769 also has a lovely hunt gift to go with this gown: a very cute enveloppe bag. The hunt is going on at the Gallery Gift Shop because they are celebrating their 1st aniversary ! All merchants are participating in this hunt !

22769 also has a male outfit at The Gallery Gift shop and actually when I put it on I was thinking: a perfect outfit for my yoga exercises !!! But it is for guys ladies...
The Seraphim sim is also celebrating their 1st aniversary with a hunt and 22769 is participating in this hunt.  You can find all details about this hunt HERE. And if you find the hunt item (a cute cupcake) at 22769 you will get this lovely boho blouse ! 10 L$ though for each hunt item !
The newest group gift by 22769 is this ole pier with poses.
The elegant poses I have been using with the beautiful Anastasia gown are by The Muse and they are called Eupharie. They are a new release so NOT free.
Over to a lovely updo which I got from the lucky board at Evergreen. I was actually looking for the Ribbon shop...which moved. Eventually I found it again :) But the hair by Evergreen is lovely.
Then I went to the new Ribbon mainstore and they have 3 lucky boards with lovely gifts. But no matter how long I stayed there...not one R showed up, so you have to do with only a pic of the lucky boards.
Yesterday I blogged the lovely earrings Amitel et Camael gave away as a present in the FabFree group. Today I got this lovely matching bracelet !!
Over to the Hair Fair. I still have hair left in my inventory which I haven't blogged. There are just so many presents at the Hair Fair. You can find all info HERE.
Luzie, from the LuzieFee store (which I blogged before) told me she had found great hair at Red Mint. I only found the pin-in-mouth which I blogged before. So I went back and Luzie was sooo right ! You get a color sampler demo pack (which is not a demo at all) in ALL thinkable hair tones with lovely mesh hair. YAY !!! Just showing you a few colors, there are many more.
The next lovely hair with texture change hair band is by Iconic. You get 4 lovely colors.
Heroin has way different hair for us, called White Tiger and Natural Tiger.
And this is the hair gift by EMO-tions. The hair is called Milly.
Clawtooth has this Dusty hair in black as a gift on the Hair Fair. I keep forgetting to THANK all generous designers of the Hair Fair. Your new designs are great and your gifts are wonderful and very appreciated ! THANK YOU !!
Over to  Battle Angel. They have a HUGHE goodie bag with a lot of hair for us all as a gift! The colors might not quite be to your liking, but it is great hair !

Last one for today is sYs. You don't get hair there as a gift but a sweet cropped top (mesh).