Thursday, July 5, 2012

Waiting for the rain to fall...

Today it is hot and humid and the weather forecast said it would thunder and I am waiting for the rain to fall...but it is not here yet....
So I am working on my blog tryomg to forget it is soooo hot.
And I have sooo much to blog today...let me start with the lovely June group gift by Gizza. I haven't blogged it before, and yes I am late. But it is a great gown! I am wearing lovely pink hair with this gown which I got from the lucky boards at D!va. You can wear it with or without the bow and the bow is texture change.

The next dress is the newest group gift by Azul. Ohhh I feel like going dancing with the cute red shoes by Babymonkey. It is their newest group gift ! A fatpack of these lovely very 50th shoes.
And this very elegant and extraordinary dress is by Boudoir. It is their newest group gift, perfect for a summer dance with a Hawaiian theme :)
Boudoir has another group gift, an older one...but it is sooo elegant !!!
And this is....yes, waht is it??? A dress? An egg? Can you crack that riddle? Also a fun group gift by Boudoir.
Over the the Designer Loft. I forgot one very cute sweater they have is mesh and it is by L&R. The balloon pants were blogged before, they are by Eyelure, also at the Designer Loft.
The Skin Within had a lovely skin for free. It is called Zarya and I think it was a mistake by the designer to set it for free. It is a very detailed lovely skin but NOT FREE anymore. However: there is a hughe pack of make-up for free. (look for the gift box on the floor in the make-up department). And there is a lucky chair from which I got perfect nail polish in a fatpack. Look at the detailed hands ladies..beautiful. At the Skin within.
 The next skin was a group gift by Heartsick. Actually a teaser, as the skins have to come out yet! Join the group and check notices ladies. The Heartsick group has make sure you join the right group !
Over to the DSL hunt. You can find the HINT and LINK page for the Depraved Summer Love hunt HERE. It is very helpful! You are looking for a round black box with apurple flower on it in this hunt. The hunt runs till July 15th so you have to be fast to get all the goodies !
I found 2 skins in this hunt, one is by Essential, the other one is by Shiva. The Essential one is rather red and dark, but a lovely skin. The Shiva skin is a lot lighter...also a great skin. Just find that round box ladies.

And to wear with these skins I found a few tattoos in the DSL hunt too. This first tattoo is by Anymore and it is a beautiful Lotus tattoo. I am wearing it with the newest group gift by Al Vulo (blogged yesterday).
The next tattoo is by Endless pain Tattoos. It is hidden inside the round black box form the DSL hunt if you want Chinese tatto: that is a gift in the DSL hunt box. The Tiki tattoo (on the same pic) is from the Lucky board at the store.
The last tattoo I found up till now in the DSL hunt is by SuPerBia. A bright sun....are you so bold you want to wear this? Find that DSL box at the store !
Over to the only hair I found in this hunt. I found it at Birth and actually it is a gift in another hunt, the F&D hunt. You have to find a round box with a smiling face on it to get this hair. You get 4 different black colors.
The next cute mouthie and piercing are by Virtual Insanity and they hid it very clever in the DSL box. You can wear them together or separate.
 And these lovely earrings are yours if you find the DSL box at Sigma Jewels.
You could wear these eaarings with the lovely choker which is the DSL hunt gift at Sin & Virtue.
Or you can go to Reila skins and get this GREAT mesh dress. It is hidden inside the round black box with the purple flower of the DSL you have to find it first before you can wear this lovely dress.
I found some cute leggings hidden insid ethe DSL box at Shabby Cat and I am wearing them with the cute tops that are hidden inside the DSl box at KIM mainstore. The shoes are the newest group gift by BabyMonkey.
The pants I am weatring on the next picture are the DSL hunt gift by 22769. And the top is the gift in the DSL hunt at Lourdes of London. Just find that black box ladies. The shoes are hidden inside the DSL boc at DUH! and the bag is by SUGAR, also a gift in the DSL hunt. Even the POSES are a gift in this hunt, they are by Juxtaposes (you get 6 poses, not showing all).