Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday and it finally stopped raining ...

You won't believe how happy I am after a full week of rain ! It finally stopped today (but the predictions aren't taht good for next week).
Today I will blog Paris Metro, Siria's Fashion Room and Tameless hair (which I love) and the beautiful skins by WoW skins and World ends Garden and Dirty Little Secret and finally Hucci...not neccesarily in that order though.
But let me start with Paris Metro. July 14th is Bastille day in France and everyone has the day off. In the evening there are dances and fireworks to celebrate. Rose from Paris Metro has this GREAT gift at her store for us to celebrate July 14th with her ! Thank you so much Rose.
Over to Siria's Fashion Room. This lovely sexy gown is called Angelique and it is by Giuliadesign. You can find it at Siria's Fashion room. You can also find the elegant updo there, called Bianca and it is by Pelle. At Siria's Fashion room.
This next outfit is called Life is a Flower and it is by Innuendo at Siria's Fashion Room. The shoes and lovely clutch are included.
You can find it at Siria's Fashion room, and remember: all items are 100 L$ or less ! So a perfect way to get to know the designers and their designs !
Over to To Be Unique. They have these lovely dresses at Siria's Fashion room, including the shoes, jewelry, sunglasses and the jackets !

The next top is also an offer at Siria's Fashion Room. It is called Chifon top Yellow and it is by FV Design.
Last one from Siria's Fashion room is the great Steampunk tattoo by So&So. They actually have 2 tattoos at Siria's Fashion room, I blooged the other one HERE.
Over to Tameless. They have quite a lot of new releases and the hair is GREAT ! I wear it all the time and the new designs are just as lovely as the ones I tend to wear. I love the just out of bed look, called Sojo the best..but the rest is simply fab too. At Tameless ladies.

I am very happy that I am accepted as a blogger for WoW skins. I have been wearing them on my blog recently because I got the beautyful Anna skins from WoW skins at Siria's Fashion Room. But now I have something else to show you. WoW skins is having a mini hunt at their store. You need to find a small box and this box is just 15 L$. If you find it and buy get this great Basma skin with 2 cleavage options !
And this next WoW skin comes with 12 skins, a shape, eyes, lashes, jewelry,summer outfit and jeans. You can find it on Marketplace and it is a complete avatar. The name is Anais and the skin has a lovely light skintone.
The next dreses are all group gifts at World Ends Garden. Joining the group is free and there are actually also more previous group gifts you can get. I love the newest gift: the lovely flower Mesh elegant !!!

Then I got this great MESH top as a subscribo gift by Hucci ! The jeans and the handkerchief necktie are not included, just the top.
Last one for today: Dirty Little Secret. They have some great Midnight Mania boards at the store and also Daily Price Boards. You can see below whet I got there ! The tops and the leggings come in lots of green colors to mix and match.
And now I am going to reveil my own Dirty Little Secret...when not blogging I look like ...this....(by Dirty Little Secret, you get the hair in several hair tones, clothes and shoes and mud facial mask included). From the Daily Price boards.