Friday, July 6, 2012

Accesorize me....

Today is Accesorize day for me as I found loads of jewelry, shoes and a lovely skin. Let me start with the skin. It is the newest group gift by Filthy and this is not the only thing you get as a group gift. You also get a shape. But there is more: you also get a hughe box with make up as a group gift (1 L$). Joining the group is not free I think though.

The next message is a sad one: Dark Mouse is closing on the 16th of July. They are having a hughe sale, items up from 10 L$ (look in the tent behind the shop). But they still have 6 lucky boards and I got 5 of their gifts... Good luck Mouse with whatever you are going to do :) And thank you for your lovely designs.

Over to Purple Moon. They have a raffle going on, and each 10 minutes someone in the store gets a gift. Guess who was the lucky bastard? ME ! And I got these elegant earrings!
Beloved Jerwelry has some GREAT group gifts. You not only get the gift from this month (the top picture) but also a hughe box with all previous group gifts for just 1 L$, back to 2009. The group is free to join, so a great way to fill up your jewelry box.

Another great set of jewelry is the newest group gift by Virtual Impressions. A lovely pearl set...beautyful.

Then I got these great shoes at BabyMonkey. They are the new group gift (yes I blogged them before) and you get a whole color change pack ! Andthe lovely brown plateau shoes are from one of the 9 lucky boards at BabyMonkey.

The next shoes are the group gifts by DUH! Joining the group is free, so you can get all these shoes and boots for free.