Friday, July 13, 2012

Hats & Bags Part 2

I told you guys that I could fill two blogs with hats and bags and here is the rest I found. Let me start with M's Avon. The designer is taking 6 months leave from Second Life but he left some beautiful bags for everyone as a gift. I wish him all the best in RL and I hopehe will return to SL with his great designs.
All hats/bags on this blog are either FREE or 1 L$.
Then I went to Bitter Candy. They have plenty free bags with shoes, or bags with many you won't believe it !!!

The next bag is by Bella's Lullaby and it is available on Marketplace.
And this cute bag is by M2M and it is called Cottom Bag. It is available on Marketplace.
The next 2 bags are FULL PERM, which means you can make them bigger or smaller and you can put any texture on them you like ! The first one is called Classic Handbag and the second one Fantastic girl bag. Both available on Marketstreet.
This bag  is so much fun. It is called Steampunk Giga horn and it is on Marketplace.

Another bag I found on Marketplace is this one by K&C Fashion and it is called Ribbon handbag.
Over to Tomodachi and they have this cute jeans bag on Marketplace.
Another blue bag is the one by YC called Handbag blue leather. You find it on Marketplace.
I found another blue bag, this time by MLD. Actually I found most bags on Marketplace, this one is one of them.
This blue bag is by Together Inc and I found it on their Marketplace store. The name is Free logo bag.

This one is to be found in the Marketplace store by KKBB (kiss kiss bang bang). The bag is called Kissy purse.
And this bag is called Celtic hand bag, also from Marketplace.
One more bag to blog, this mini bag by Dirtyland. On marketplace ofcourse.
Those were all te bags but I have some hats left in my inventory. This one is by DEF and it is called Bob checkered. You can find it on Marketplace.
This next hat is by Lady Bunny and it is called black hat with feather. On Marketplace is where you can find it.
Another hat from Marketplace, this elegant hat is called Reciprocate and it is by Helena Brevity, Paper Heart.

And this hat is called Ladies spring hat blue and you can find it on Marketplace. It is by You're the one.
This Lilly of the Valey hat is by FairyZette and it is on Marketplace.
I found this hat on Marketplace (yes I know, I keep repeating myself, but it is where I found the hats). It is by Ouchi and it is called Bunny hat.
You know in Mexico they wear Sombreros and I found a really fun one on Marketplace. This one is called Julia's mad Sombrero. It is hughe :) and it blows bubbles.
This Fedora hat is by Inside out and I found it on Marketplace like most of the hats.
And this hat is called Mind Games Peacock Feather hat...maybe because it has a peacock feather on the top??
I also found some berets on Marketplace, like this one by M2M. It is called Summer Beret.
And this beret is by Liv Leigh and it is called SOS beret and shirt. Yes the shirt is included. It is on Marketplace.
These berets are by Perfect Wirefly and they are FULL PERM, so you can put any texture or color on them. Perfect for every outfit !!
This hair with hat is by T&S and it is called Britney hair. The hat is texture and color change.
I found more sets of clothes that come with a hat or a cap. Like this set by Helena Ellsmere. It is called Winter grey set and it is on Marketplace.
Or this set, called Back Street girl outfit with hair, which is also by Helena Ellsmere.
Or this set which is called Gangster Girl. It is on Marketplace in the Envious store.
This lovely orange summer dress with hat is by Arya Boutique wear and it is called Beach wear dress.
Last one for today is the lovely blue sun dress by Haus of Gaga. It comes with te lovely blue hat.


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