Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Almost 4th of July.

Even though we do not celebrate 4th of July in Europe I can understand it is a big day in the USA. So I will start with some lovely gifts you can wear on the 4th of July. Like this elegant gown by Paris Metro. It is called Watercolor beach dress USA.

There is also a Watercolor beach dress Greece, which you can find at the Paris Metro store at Santorini.
This last Watercolor beach dress Floral is a new release and it is available at the Paris Metro Mainstore.
Then Amour & Rispetto are giving their group members a wonderful 4th of July gift. For ladies it is this cute MESH dress!
To wear with these lovely gifts you can try to get some great hair at Alice Project. I got this beautiful hair from their Midnight Mania board.
 And this lovely hair is from the Lucky boards at Alice Project.
Or you can go for the new release by Tameless, called LEAH. Beautiful pony tail haor, perfect to wear with jeans or a cute summer dress! NEW RELEASE so not free !
And under all your lovely gowns you can wear this new released lingerie by SeldomBlue. Ohh I love it, it is sexy yet elegant! And the best thing is: this BLACK set is available for just 1 L$!!
The next outfit is the newest group gift by Luzifee. Just join the group to get this outfit at their store ladies.
And while you are there, take a look at the lovely Hope dress, it is avaialble for just 10 L$ at Luzifee.

My friend Jara from Aidoru has created this great belt with dagger. A friend asked her to make one, just the same as on a RL picture and oh...it is exacly the same ! So well made, my compliemnts Jara! You can find it at Aidoru (not free).
This elegant mesh top is the newest group gift by Baiastice. Join the group and check notices.
I went to 7Style after not having been there for a while. I used to get a lot of nice items from them from Marketplace but they also have an inworld store. With MANY freebies! I got the realistic ears as a group gift (the group is free to join). The rest are freebies at the store, sexy skinny jeans, capri pants, cargo pants and a cute teeshirt.

If you are wondering abut the elegant bag I am holding in the next picture: it is the newest group gift by RIcielli. It is a MESH bag ladies in a lovely shade of green...wow what a gift! Outfit by 7Style.
And these cute booties are also a gift at 7Style!
Over to the DSL hunt. In this Depraved Summer Love hunt you have to look for a round black box with a purple flower on it. There is a hint and link page HERE, which is very helpful. I went to Shiki and found the hunt item there, which made me the owner of the cute green striped shirt. And the balloon pants are by Grumble, also hidden inside their hunt item from the DSL hunt.
If you go to Chop Zuey to find that round box ladies, you will get this elegant jewelry ste IF you find it...it took me ages to find, so look at the hint...it kinda gives it away. And yes there is something in the store called MARS.
You could wear this lovely jewelry with this summery gown by Badoura Design. You can find it on MARKETPLACE.
And this lovely jewelry set would go great with that summer gown too ! It is by Primalot and it is a lovely golden necklace in 3 versions. Free!