Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just the regular mix and some special MESH

Today I am going to start with the lovely new 60 L$ offers by Sascha's Design. Each week they have 2 new 60 L$ items and the ones from last week are another week available too. This week you can get the lovely Miss Sixty in red. I love this dress. Actually I wanted to wear it with bobbysocks and those cute shoes but I couldn't find them in my I am just wearing pumps. The lovely hair is the newest subscribo gift by Truth called Jessie(blogged yesterday - mesh).

The other 60 L$ offer by Sascha's Design is this lovely gown in teal and black called Marcee.
Paris Metro has a summery new release, a lovely bikini with a pair of baggy capris. You can find it at the Paris Metro Mainstore.
And this beautiful tattoo can be found at Siria's Fashion Room. It is the offer by So&So tattoo and all items at Siria's Fashion room are 100 L$ or less, so it is worth to take a look there.
The next offers are by the Designer Circle. I explained the Designer Circle a few times before, all items there are 100 L$ or less. And this lovely skin has been put there by Step Inside. The skin is called Livia and you get 3 skintones and 2 different cleavage options.
The next poses are called Caliope and they are by The Muse. They are available at the Designer Circle.
You can also find this elegant gold dress at the Designer Circle. It is by VeroModero and you get the lovely matching scarf too.
The beautyful nails in a square and a rounded version are by Moondance and it is their offer at the Designer Circle.
Over to Eyelure. They have 2 new releases at the DESIGNER CIRCLE. You can find the lovely pink marbled hairband in 2 versions there and the set of 5 lipsticks, called Petal soft lips. Not free though, each is 99 L$.

The Depraved Summer Love Hunt (or for short DSL) is still running and you can find some elegant jewelry in this hunt. Like the beautiful Cameo rings by Scrub Factory. All you have to do to get these lovely rings is to find a round black box with a flower on it at Scub.
And if you find that round black box at Kosh you get this lovely anklet.

Another shop that is participating in the DSL hunt is Adoness and they have hidden this elegant jewelry set including the nails inside their round box for the hunt. You just have to find it...
Over to Just You jewels. They have this fun dice bracelet for you hidden inside their DSL hunt item. Andthe cute corset tops are the hunt gift by Hollipocket. Just find that round black box with the flower and they are yours.
Sassy also has a round black box hidden somewhere and if you find it this top and pants set is yours to wear. The cute shoes are by BabyMonkey.
If you like slacks you should hop over to NerdMonkey to find the DSL hunt item there. The yellow slacks with the colored stripes at the side are their hunt gift. And that lovely top is hidden inside the round box at EsCusi. Makes a lovely set don't you think?
I got a notecard from MrokNess Viper with some great finds of her on Marketplace. She was looking for MESH items just to see what you can get ...and she really gathered some nice stuff! I started looking on Marketplace too and added some more. So below will be MESH..and you hate it or you love it...I just like it sometimes :0).
This first one from my list is this off shoulder MESH dress by B&B. I am wearing the free shopping bags by Juicy with the dress and a lovely long necklace by Chop Zuey (older hunt gift).
The next MESH item is this cute Acidic Infection shirt by WGD. I am wearing this shirt with the capri pants called SpongeBob pants by BLEAK. Both from Marketplace.
And I am wearing the same shirt by WGD with the skinny jeans TC has put on Marketplace.
The next top is by Ricielli and you can also find it on Marketplace for 1 L$. I am wearing very cute leggings with this shirt, they are by Onyx Wear and they are called Chaos leggings.
I am wearing the Ricielli shirt with the MESH skirts form Kaliwulf Kingdom . You get 4 versions of the skirt. But it does make my butt look hughe...
The cute hair is MESH hair by Curious Kitties. All is available on Marketplace.
This cute tankini is  MESH and it is by YESSS design, omn Marketplace ofcourse :)
Last one for today is this beautiful pink MESH sweater by Mubis. Thank you again Mrokness, you were a great help :) And this is how I look when I am taking pics of all the goodies I found. The cute camera was a tip by my friend Sue Trallis. But allas the shop (LustyFen) seems to have vanished from you can't get it anymore.