Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lots of free stuff and the Designer Circle once more.

When I was a newbie and I finally got enough money (I camped everywhere I could find a camping chair) I bought some really lovely hair by Calico Ingmann. I complete ruined it because I wanted to color it red, which turned it into an unrecognisable orange blob. I told Calico about it and mentioned that I had no money to buy new hair and wow, she gave me new hair ! These days she is participating in the Designer Circle and she has free hair there for all of you, and also 2 lovely hairstyles which are for sale below 100 L$ at the Designer Circle shop. Remember that the items in the Designer Circle store change every 12 days, so these offers are available till February 18th.
This is the free hair, called Alanna. You get a complete fatpack with so many colors. Just showing you a few.
This hair is called Temira and I am showing you the RED version, but it comes in all colors at the Designer Cicrle store (below 100 L$)
And this hair is called Bristol and you can wear it without pleads, with one, with two or mirrored. This hair also is available in the Designer Circle store and it is priced below 100 L$. The hair comes in all colors.You can also visit her store Calico Ingmann Creations (CIC).

Another designer who is participating in the Designer Circle is B&G. I blogged their lovely shoes before (I will add a pic here too) and they also have some great sunglasses for free at the Designer Circle shop. The shoes are below 100 L$.

I wanted to visit the Designer Circle shop incognito and the great outfit by E-Clipse is perfect for it. I love the hat with veil and the very sexy top with pants. They are available at the Designer Circle store.
And these 2 cute dresses are by P.i.X.X.i.s. and they are also available at the Designer Circle store.

Another designer at the Designer Circle store is Gitchee. They have these fun Dino dresses as a lor priced outfit at the store.

Kennedy's has this sexy skirt at the Designer Circle store. And you can also get the lovely long nails with a color change hud at the store, the price is below 100 L$. I styled the skirt with a lovely sweater by HOC Industries (free) and with the great necklace I found in the Cherry on top hunt at Purple Moon (blogged before).

Then I went to Vincenza Roscas shop. She has a lovely new release... this great labyrinth necklace and earrngs set. It comes with a hud so you can change the metal and the gems. It is not free (290 L$), but it is a great set ;)
This next necklace is free however and you can find it at WTG. Isn't that a great set? You get the earrings too !
If you are lucky and the Midnight Mania board at Lazuri closes, you will get this great necklace and the earrings too. You can change it into silver or gold and it is stunning !
Not many clicks needed ladies, so get your friends to click so you all can have it.
There are ladies in SL who love riding. And if you have a horsey in SL and you go riding it you need a good riding outfit. I found this one at The Carriage Trade and it is a gift in the Seasons Palette hunt (find a palette). You get a sweater in 3 colors and a bodywarmer in 2 colors. THANK YOU Tonya Trotter for telling me about these great gifts :)
These great boots by Loordes of London go great with the riding outfit above ! They are a gift in the Jack or Jill hunt. You have to find a round box with a female sign on it to get these great boots.
Sparky's Gal is participating in the Womans stuff hunt and if you find the red T-shirt at their store you will get not only a GREAT shape, but also these cute teddy bear earrings !

Then I did some more ZombiPopcorn hunting. As you know by now the hunt item is a red and white striped bag of popcorn and you just have to find it to get the lovely gifts from the designers. Like this great mesh dress by Baiastice.
Or you could decide to try and find the popcorn at Caladesi Island to get this lovely soft pink Valentine dress.
Pesca hid a great dress with 2 ways to wear in their popcorn. You can wear it as an empire dress with a raised waist or you can wear it as a sleek lovely dress. The lovely shoes are an older group gift by Coco (still available).

The last one for today is the dress by Bubble...or is it a shirt? A never mind, I like it as a dress. There is a horrible zombie printed on it...but hey the hunt is called ZOMBIE popcorn hunt after all !


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