Sunday, February 12, 2012

YES ! I got the bouquet !!!

If you are wondering why my gown looks like it has been burned, blood stained and crumpled, I was at a wedding and the bride was tossing the bouquet. And guess who got it? HAH anyway, this gown is a mesh gown and it is the hunt gift by SOAP & Co in the ZombiePopcorn hunt. All you have to do is find the popcorn at the participating stores ! And yes, the bouquet is included :)
And what do you do when you catch a bouquet? Well you get married ! And look what I am wearing on my wedding day? A great gown by Cillian'gel ! WOW Isn't that the most gorgious gown you ever saw? It is the Cillian'gel group gift ladies !

Ofcourse you need shoes to wear with this great gown ! Maybe you could wear these elegant shoes and socks by Severed Garden with the gown. Theya re a gift in the ZombiePopcorn hunt (find the bag of popcorn at their store).
Or you could try and find the popcorn at K Rea and wear these elegant peep toe pumps with your gown?
You could also go for the newest group gift by Mary Jane Shoes...lovely pink shoes.
If you are looking for some new hair, why not take a look at Tameless hair? They have 2 NEW RELEASES, so not free, but great hair. They both come with a color change hud, you can change the color of the hair or the streaks. The top one is called LEXI and I am showing you the reds. The bottom one is called Yvonne, also showing the reds.

And if you want some lovely jewelry to wear with your gowns, why not go to Undisclosed Fashion? They have this lovely Anastasia gift set and they have some lucky chairs at the store too !

I am wearing the cute blue flats I blogged above with the top Razorblade Jacket has put inside their bag of popcorn and the pants UrFavorite gives away as a gift in the ZombiePopcornHunt.
Then I went to VC Design and they have this lovely top hidden inside the popcorn. You get a new version and a ripped one.
To wear with this top you could consider the piercings I Poke has hidden in the popcorn. They are classic piercings.
Or you could hop over to Vestigium. They are participating in the ZombiePopcornHunt and you get the great sleeve tattoo in faded, medium and dark version. Vestigium also has a few lucky chairs and I was so lucky to win a few more tattoos.

The next outfit is by PinkMares House and it is also a gift in the ZombiePopcornHunt. The only thing you have to do to get this outfit with 2 different pairs of boots is to find the popcorn at the store.
Over to some accesoires. These lovely pink eyes are the gift by MayFly in the ZombiePopcornHunt. Find the red white striped bag of popcorn and they are yours to wear.
Acid & Mala has hidden some lovely doll make up inside their bag of popcorn. WOW I love those eyes , those cheeky lips and those cheeks :)
Go hunting for popcorn ladies to get this lovely make up.

And these lovely lips are by Insufferable Dastard. They are yours if you find the popcorn at their store !
Last one for today are the lovely nails Izzies has hidden inside the bag of popcorn. WOW YOu get a hud with so many colors ! The nails are easy to fit and they are glitter nails. perfect for every party ! Just showing you a few options.