Saturday, February 4, 2012

For Valentines day take a walk on Marketplace

OK I was lazy, I admit it. I did't feel like hopping around all day in SL so I let my fingers do the walking by searching on Marketplace.
And look what I found there ladies.
This first gift box is a dollarbie (1 L$) by G Secret. It holds just one pose, and it says to your loved one: "I am your Valentine gift!". Can you give a more beautiful gift?
The next lovely Valentine gown is by CherryBomb and it is called Majestatis gown. It costs you 1 L$ to get it. The lovely necklace I amw earing with this gown is by C&C and it is called Indian style necklace.It is also 1 L$.
And this red beauty is by Badoura design. You can wear it as a gown or as a short dress. 1 L$ for this gown/dress ladies.
The lovely locket I am wearing with this gown is by B Nuts. You can change the picture inside the locket, which is sooo great !!! WOW I love it and you can get it for just 1 L$. Also a perfect gift for your loved one !
This elegant dress is by Curious Kitties. It is actually a Christmas MESH dress, but it is also perfect to wear at Valentines day !
The next dress is by PS and it is called Valentina dress. It is just 1 L$ ladies.
I found another great dress by Happy Laughton. This one is again 1 L$ and it is a great dress to wear this month. Love the hearts on it !
The next dress is by SS and it is called Happy Valentine dress :) 1 L$ for this cute babydoll dress ladies, also perfect if you are looking for maternity clothes.
And this sexy lace dress in red is by AKA and it is totally free. Great to wear if you go clubbing with your Valentine.
This next outfit by KOT can be worn as a sexy dress or as a pants-with-top set. It is a Valentines outfit, but not red, which is remarkable ! 1 L$ it is.
To wear with the cute dresses and gowns I found a pair of lovely red shoes by ChoOoz for just 1 L$.
If you do not like dresses: I also found a few pants and tops which are perfect for Valentines day. Like this one by Tuti. It is a Christmas outfit, but the red sweater and dark pants are great to wear at Valentine, as it is still winter here.
The boots are included.
Over to KKBB. They have these great pants on Marketplace for just 1 L$. And the cute bag is also by KKBB and it is 5 L$. The black sleeveles top is by Edge Grafica and it will set you back 1 L$ if you want to wear it. The shoes are by PURE shoes.
And this sexy pants-skirt-top set is by Black Opal. It is called Hawkesowrth lady outfit. It has MESH attachements so you need a MESH supporting viewer for this outfit.
Over to something more sexy. If you want to surprise your loved one with something sexy on Valentine why don't you take a look at Nada's Valentine lingerie?
Or you can go for the lovely red lingerie Awear has on Marketplace for you.It is called Paris red.
Another great lingerie set is this one by Bargain Bazaar. It is called Be My Valentine and they charge you 1 L$ for it.
This set is by Mayden Couture and it is simply called Valentine lingerie. One L$ is what you have to pay for it. It shouts very much UNWRAP ME !!
This lovely innocent set is by Attitude and it is called summer free Hearts lingerie. But with the cute hearts on it, it is also great for Valentine. 1 L$ for this set.
The next set is by S&D Design and they named it Enchanted Chemise. It is a lovely set for just 1 L$.
The next one is by Patoula Yao and it is called  Valentine for Women. A lovely pink sexy set, I am sure your loved one will be very pleased when you model it for him or her :)
1 L$ for this set ladies !
Last one for today is the lingerie set by Liz Holmer. It is called OM!L010, no clue why, but it is a lovely set even though it is not quite shouting VALENTINE !!

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