Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clothes and skins today

Today I got some really nice clothes by VMC. I have blogged them before, all their clothes are just 10 L$ and they have some really nice new releases today ! All their new releases come in several colors, just showing you a few.
The lovely hair is the newest release bt Tameless hair, called Tatiana (75 L$ for a fatpack, ONLY availabe at the Stuff in Stock store)
This first dress is called Kendra and I am showing you blue and purple.

The next dress is called Lysie and I am showing you black and pink.

Last one is called Kay and I am showing you memories and blush. All for just 10 L$ each at VMC. The cute bare feet are by N-Core, they are not free.

Censored has some really nice new releases, lovely bags ans a great blouse called Jessy. Jessy comes in 3 colors. NOT free though.

Over to M.O.C.K. The group is no longer free to join and if you missed the free period you will bang your head now, because you get sooo many nice freebies in that group. Besides that: the make up Mockie creates is great (and very affordable)! What I am showing you below are the group gifts.

Over to the skins. These first skins are a new release by Katsuicide. They haven't released a lot lately and this skin comes in a lovely grey tone. With many make ups. The skin is called Sandra and this is the light version, there are also 2 darked tones available.
This next skin is by Modish and it is created for Boudoir. (Not free).
This lovely skin is by Al Vulo and it is called Corinna. It is the latest group gift.
Then I did some more hunting in the Womenstuff Hunt. You have to find a red sculpted Teeshirt at the participating stores ! The Teeshirt at Al Vulo contained this lovely Mely skin.
And at Maverick Design you get the Destiny skin and shape IF you find the red teeshirt !
Aother skin is hidden inside the teeshirt at Kamrek Creations and the name of the skin is Orianna.
Dulce Secrets has hidden a complete fatpack of skins inside their teeshirt of the Womensstuff hunt. You get no less than 6 skin tones with different cleavages too ! If you find the teeshirt ofcourse ! The skin is called Tymara.
Another skin is hidden by Wertina. A lovely pale skin with great eye make up and red lips. Find the teeshirt ladies !

Last skin I found inside the teeshirt was at at Akeruka. You get this lovely sun burned skin if you find the teeshirt.
To go with these skins I also found a few shapes hidden inside the teeshirt of the Womenstuff hunt. This first shape is by Shape it up. I am showing you my own shape on the left.
The next shape is hidden inside the teeshirt at Ultimate Shapes. My shape is again on the left.
Last shape I found was inside the teeshirt at Savoir Faire shapes and the shape is called Raquel.
You want some more? OK I found some really nice eyes too and as we are talking about shapes, skins and how we look we cannot forget the eyes. These eyes are inside the teeshirt from the Womenstuff hunt at Antz.
Births Store also has eyes hidden inside their teeshirt. All you have to do is find it at the store so you can wear these lovely eyes.
Last one are the eyes I got from the Midnight Mania board at Sophistishapes. Lovely dark blue eyes.