Sunday, February 26, 2012

Something funny, something beautiful and accesoires

I got a really funny outfit from the Midnight Mania board at Mays Soul today ladies. It made me smile so much and it is so much fun to wear ! I just wish there were a few more dress up parties in SL so I could wear it more often !
So here I am as a pirate :)

And I got a few great gowns, which I will show you below. But before I get to that I have a few things more to show you. Like these great booties which are a new release by Cyber Gem Jewelry. You can change them with an easy to use hud and style them just in any way you like them !! (NEW release, so not free!)
And these cute shoes are by Viviane Fashion and even though they are new, they are just 25 L$ per pair ! There are a few new ones, this one I am showing you has cute dolphins on them :)
The next gown is a gift in the Where is the Love hunt? I found it at H.O.E.  and you have to look for a red heart. You get the lovely make up too.
Then I found this lovely gown which is a gift in the Womenstuff hunt. Find the red sculpted Teeshirt at Just Darling and it is yours :)
Another great gift in the Womenstuff hunt is this special gown by Anture. The only thing you have to do to get this gown is to find the red teeshirt at their store !
Then I found some really nice soft pink lingerie at Mohna Lisa Couture. It was hidden inside the red teeshirt from the Womenstuff hunt, so if you can find it too you can have it too.
And the next items are just accesoires. Shoes, jewelry, hair, skins, shapes. Oh wait I found a cute bikini is by KIM and it is a gift in the Womenstuff hunt. Find the red teeshirt ladies !
This cute hair is by Hair Art and it is also hidden inside a red teeshirt. The hair is blue (as you can see) and the bows are color change by touch.
The next jewelry is all from the Womenstuff hunt. All you have to do is find the red sculted teeshirt at the stores that are participating in this hunt ladies. Like Two Sisters. They have a really nice gift hidden in the teeshirt: lovely diamond earrings. But Two Sisters also has some VERY nice freebies at the store. A lovely bamboo set (earrings, necklace and bracelets) and a lovely set with purple stones (earrings and necklace).

And Aidoru is also participating in the Womenstuff hunt and you get alos GREAT earrings there if you find the red teeshirt !
The next store is Chop Zuey. Find the red teeshirt there and this lovely set (bracelets & earrings) is yours !
Next jewelry I found was at P.A. Design and they hid a lovely necklace inside their red teeshirt.
Last jewelry I found today was ME Jewelry. You get 2 lovely rings there if you find the red teeshirt !
Then I went to Audacity and I got these lovely hairbands. They were hidden inside the teeshirt from te Womenstuff hunt so go hunting ladies to get these lovely hair bands.
This lovely face tattoo is the gift White Widow has hidden insid etheir red teeshirt ladies. If you want it, go find the teeshirt !

I also found some really nice shoes at BabyMonkey. All Babymonkey shoes are great, and these ones are their gift in the Womenstuff hunt. So if you can find the red teeshirt at the store they are free for you!
N-Core is also participating in the Womenstuf hunt and they hid these lovely pink platform shoes inside their red teeshirt.
The next boots are bu DUH and they are a gift in the HAH hunt. You have to find a burning heart to get these great boots.
These burning boots are the gift by Pixel Perfect in the Womenstuff hunt. Find the red teeshirt to get these burning boots ladies !

The skins and shapes I found will have to wait till tomorrow :)