Friday, February 24, 2012

Ohhh these dresses are soooo cute !

The dresses I found today are sooo cute and I feel sooo pretty in them :)
What do you think about this dress by Sophistishapes? It is their gift in the Womenstuff hunt. You have to find a sculpted red teeshirt at the participating stores to get the great gifts :) Cute bare feet are by N-Core (not free). The cute jewelry is free however at Two Sisters.
Also participating in this hunt is Nectar. If you find the teeshirt there you get this next elegant dress.
And this next colorful dress is hidden inside the red teeshirt at Orquidea. All you have to do is find the shirt ladies to get this elegant dress.
Another great dress is the one that Dark Water Design is giving away in the Womenstuff hunt. Find the red teeshirt and it is yours :). Shoes are by BabyMonkey.
This great dress is so elegant yet very cute too. I love the polka dots! And the jacket is soooo...Jacky O. Find the red teeshirt at B!asta and it is yours to wear !
This cute jeans dress is hidden inside the teeshirt at Artic Storm. There is a HINT page and you can find it HERE (it is a great help).
Another very cute dress is the one Cynful has hidden inside the red teeshirt. Actually you do not get ONE but TWO great dresses. If you find the red teeshirt that is !
There is another knitted dress in this hunt and it is by Eclectic Firefly. You have to find the red teeshirt to get it but then you are the proud owner of these TWO great dresses and the leggings !

And Shiki has hidden a lovely white dress inside their red teeshirt. Go hunting ladies, it is so worth it !
The next sexy dress is the hunt gift by American Bazaar. A lovely tight short dress, which you can perfectly style with leggings or jeans. Or just wear it the way it is. Inside the red teeshirt is where you can find it.
TWA (the White Angel) is also participating in the Womenstuff hunt. They have hidden this great dress inside their red teeshirt. LOVE the back !!!
And this cute dress is by Custom Inkz. It is quite sexy and maybe more for a work out than to go shopping, but it is a great outfit. Find the red teeshirt and it is yours !
Ruca Tease has hidden a day at the beach inside their red teeshirt. You get no less that 2 bikini's and sunglasses and a towel and a wrap! WOW but you have to find the red teeshirt first !!

Or you could decide to find the red teeshirt at Shadz eyewear. If you do find it you get all these great sun glasses with text or with Marilyn Monroe on them ! But you have to find the teeshirt first !
If you had a day suntanning and your skin is nice and tanned maybe you want to show it off with a great tattoo? J.P.D. has hidden one inside their teeshirt ! Go find it !
Now I want to talk about a problem. As you maybe noticed I have a problem whenever I have to take pictures of white dresses or outfits. I tend to make the background grey, but a lot of the texture of the outfit is lost that way. If anyone has a solution it would be a GREAT help ! Send me a note in SL !
So here is a white outfit but the pics don´t do it right ! It is a lovely set, complete with jewelry and nice details and it is hiodden inside the teeshirt at Tamiron Forge. Believe me ladies: no matter how long you have to search: this outfit is totally worth all the time you spend! You also get 2 great hairdo's with hat.

And the next outfit is also white and pink and perfect for Easter ! It is hidden inside the red teeshirt at Heroes Clobber !
Another extraordinary gift is this Neko outfit which you can find inside the red teeshirt at Nekolicious. It is a lovely outfit, also wearable without the tail and ears and paws :)
Last one for today are these GREAT shoes Dino´s Bootique gives you as a gift IF you find the red teeshirt at their store !n They go perfectly well with the Neko outfit above !