Thursday, February 16, 2012

I will be away for a few days...

But there still will be a blog :)
So no worries, no withdrawal...just more freebies.
Today I am going to blog a lot of different things. Do I ever anything else? Nope. So let me start with Seldom Blue. I love their design and I found out they have a few very nice freebies and dollarbies! This lovely gown is called Isabella and it is free, the lingerie included.
The lovely lingerie called Romana is 1 L$ at the next Seldom Blue store.
And if you hop over to Freebie Fashionistas you will find some more Seldom Blue goodies, like a lovely pruple gown for 1 L$, a sweet innocent summer dress, also 1 L$ and some very nice tops. You have to join the Freebie Fashionistas group (joining is free) to get all the lovely gift at their store.

You can also get some more free gifts at FreeBie Fashionistas. I will show you what I got below. The red dress is by Eluzion. I will give you the LM of the store too, but all items below are at Freebie Fashionistas !
The cute yellow dress, the shoes and the skins are by ISIS, available at Freebie Fashionistas.

 The skin is by Kennedy's, available at Freebie Fashionistas.
And this lovely pearl set which is color change by touch, the earrings and bangles and the elegant boots are by Lazuri, available at Freebie Fashionistas.

These Mary Janes are by DUH, available at Freebie Fashionistas.
 And this lovely outfit is by NB Ina, available at Freebie Fashionistas.
Then I got the group gift at Gizza. Oh such a lovely pink gown...I just didn;t want to take it off ! I also got the male gift, which is perfect for an afternoon shopping ladies !

This next gown is also a group gift, this time by Dressed by Lexie.
And to wear with these lovely gowns I want to show you some really nice shoes. These first ones are by Sexy Bish. They are called Tartan Tramp shoes and they are just 60 L$ per pair this weekend ! After the weekend they go back to the normal price of 125 L$.
And these shoes are by N-Core. They are called Aura and they come with an easy to use hud to change your skin, nails or the color of the straps, sole etc. Not cheap (795 L$) but the quality is excellent !
Last one for today is the dress with hat and with Freddie, which I got from the Midnight Mania Board at PinkMaresHouse.