Thursday, February 2, 2012

Going to the chapel...

Oh my...going to the it for real? Am I going to get married???
Ofcourse not ladies, I just stumbled upon a gift from the Vegas Honeymoon hunt (find a token) at The secrets of Gaia and I got this great wedding dress. Then I had this song in my mind all day..
I found these GREAT shoes to wear with the wedding dress. No not the red ones, these lovely white shoes by B&G and they made them for the Designer Circle ! They are so lovely and well made, I love the pretty details on the shoes, like the bow and the small diamonds at the back !
The price at the Designer Circle is between 50 and 100 L$.
Then I did a bit of hunting in the Tainted Love hunt and I found the gift, which is hidden in a heart, at Vitas Boudoir. The hint page is HERE and the hint is: This hunt isn't over untill the fat lady sings. The hunt price are the heart baloons with pounding hearts.
The GREAT dress with the hughe WOW factor is called He loves me ...and it is a Valentine special by Vitas Boudoir. I love her great design...and this one is simply breath taking.
The next shoes are the newest group gift by Baiastice. You have to join the group and check notes to get them.

And these beauties are the gift 22769 has put inside the hunt item from the Womans Stuff hunt. The only thing you have to do is find the hunt item at their store !
There is another hunt going on at 22769, the ZombiePopcorn hunt. In this case you have to find a bag of popcorn with a zombie inside and what you get is this lovely dress ! And if you are so lucky and you find the second bag of popcorn at the store you will get the male gift too !
22769 created a lovely dark coat/cape for the Black Market event. It is only 100 L$ and it is a great coat ! I styled it with a tote bag by Coco (group gift) and with the lovely boots from the Womans stuff hunt. The leggings and top are by Jane (needfull things for free). The necklace is a gift from the lucky chair at Mezzo.

FLUX is a new themed sales event - and it starts 1st February. Topic for the first round is mardi gras - and 22769 crafted this outfit for the girls. It can become worn with or without coat.
Webpage HERE.
Then I was at Saschas Design, which wasn't unusual as I work there. They are participating in the BTFH hunt and you have to find a tiny button to get this next GREAT dress !!!
LC Design was blogged yesterday but today I got another 2 dresses, one from the lucky board and a short sexy one as a freebie.

Censored has this lovely set, a top and a skirt, for the Tropical Bazaar.
And this cute set is a subscribo gift by Urban Girl. Join the subscribo group at their 10 L$ store ladies and don;t forget to look at all those lovely 10 L$ outfits (and buy some).

The last one for today are the 2 gowns I got from Aussie Dutchess. The green one is a freebie at the store. It comes with an animated umbrella and it is simply a lovely gown.

The next one is from the Midnight Mania Board at Aussie Dutchess.