Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Designer Circle, a new release and HAIR !

Today I am blogging the Designer Circle again. It is a shop where a lot of great designers sell one or more of their items and all are 100 L$ or less. So you get a top design for a very low price ! I am giving you also the links to the STORES, but the items below are only available at the Designer Circle store ! Items will be available for the next 12 days.

These first dresses are by E-Clipse and they are called Ashanti dresses. E-Clipse put 2 of them in the Designer Circle shop, red and black.

The next items, a very cute knuckles bag (wearable on your left or right hand), a knuckle mouth chain and a knuckle lip piercing are by Beautycode and they put these items in the Designer Circle shop. Remember: all items are 100 L$ or less !

And these very elegant black booties are by B&G and also available at the Designer Circle shop. They are so well made, with so much detail...wow..I love them.
These cute tees are by Gitchee and there is a male and a female text on the shirts. Both are available at the Designer Circle shop.

Last one from the Designer Circle are these 2 hairdresser belts. I love the 2 blow dryers in the belt and the hairpins. Such great details ! They are by P.I.X.X.I.S.

Viviane Fashion has a new release at their store, these lovely warm winter outfits. The Fiona outfit comes in 4 lovely colors, and you get short and long pants so you can mix and match. Boots are included.

Over to some great hair. The hair I am wearing almost all the time on my blog at the moment is by EMO-tions. It is not free but it is GREAT hair. The name is Carmen and the hair band is color change by touch.
However if you want some free EMO-tions hair, why don't you try to find the hunt item from the Womenstuff Hunt at Emo-tions? You have to look for a red sculpted teeshirt and inside you will find this very sexy hair called Lust.
Kmadd is also participating in the Womenstuff hunt and if you find the red teeshirt at their store you will get this wild hair and the eyes too.
Tameless Hair has a new hair in the Stuff in Stock store. This lovely hair is called Tatiana and you get the fatpack of colors for just 75 L$. The hair is changeable by touch and you can change either the size, the hair color or the streak color !

Alli & Ali have changed their group gifts, their voting gifts and their Marketplace gifts ! You can find the group gifts and voting gifts at the Alli & Ali mainstore. They also have an action wall where group members get a hughe discount !

The next hairstyles are available at the Alli & Ali Marketplace store. The names are above the pics and they are linked. Some free offers are just available till February 28th, so you have to be fast to get those.
This hair is called California, color Nougat.
This hair is called Gao, color blackberry.
This hair is called Janey, color strawberry.
This hair is called Jill, color grey.
This hair is called Lana, color cinnamon.
Last one for today is the latest rlease by Aidoru. Jara has made a tiara in the VENUS series. I blogged the bracelets, the necklace and earrings before and this lovely color change tiara completes the set. You can change the gems color and the metal color with an easy to use hud. Not free, but it is a beautiful piece of jewelry!


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