Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some more Designer Circle, some very cute gifts and gowns gowns gowns

Today I am blogging the new 60 L$ items by Sascha's Design. A lovely black cocktail dress (we cannot live without it can we?) and an oh so elegant black hat and fur stole. Each one just 60 L$ and if you get will feel like Audrey Hepburn (I think?)
Then we have 2 more outfits from the Designer Circle. The Designer Circle is a shop where a lot of designers offer one or more of their designs for 100 L$ or less !
This first dress is by Mayden Couture. Well it is not really a DRESS, but more like an outfit. You get 4 hair tones, black, blond, brown and red. It is available at the Designer Circle only, but I am giving you the LM to the shop too.
And these next 2 dresses are by Mu Shi Doll. Both are available at the Designer Circle ! The first dress in white is called Leo Dream white and it is 90 L$. The red dress is called Lisha Lace dress and it is 70 L$.

Polished Shoes had a great offer ...I do not know if it is still available but they had these cute shoes for just 1 L$ at the store. Join the  Polished Star group ladies, it is so worth it ! They have many actions, shoes for extreme low prices ( like 1 L$), hunts for shoes...and believe me the shoes are so nice !
My friend DannieLynn  Dyonisus told me about these cute boots which you can get for free at Mays Souls. Thank you sooo much Dannie :)
The next items are the newest Midnight Mania gift (target only 40) and the newest Unlucky dip gift and the newest Lucky board item at Grafitti wear !

And this cute kimono is the price of the Dragon Hunt at Kesetsu. You have to find a dragon egg.
Over to the gowns. As you all know by now I did some hunting in the Womenstuff hunt. You have to find a sculpted red teeshirt and there are so many nice prices ! There is a HINT page which you can find HERE, which is a great help !
This first gown is the gift inside the red teeshirt at House of Rage. A lovely red gown :)
And the next gown you can call your own if you find the red teeshirt at Pekas Design.
Another very elegant is the one Wild Serenity has hidden inside their red teeshirt.
Wilsons what can I say? They are giving away no less than 2 GREAT gowns inside their red teeshirt. So hop over and go hunting ladies !!

House of Rfyre is also participating in the Womenstuff hunt. If you find the red teeshirt at their store you get this great womens tux...comes with pants or a shirt, and with several shirt options.
And this elegant dress is the hunt gift by Gizza. It is not a gwon but an elegant cocktail dress. Hiodden inside the red teeshirt ofcourse.
Another lovely cocktail dress is the one JPD gives as a group gift, so no hunting for a red shirt, simply join the group (it is free) and get this lovely red dress !
To wear with these elegant gowns you need some cute hair. How about this great new release by Tameless hair? It is called Mandi and it is color change by touch. 4 color packs are only 99 L$ in the first week.
Tameless hair also has a few lucky boards and I stood there for a while. Look what I got ! There is also a section with 1 L$ hair and upstairs ia a sales section with a lot of hair that is marked down.

If you want some more bargains? Chichickie has a red dot sale, which means there is a lot of hair with a 75% discount at the store. Find the hair that is marked with a red dot !!!