Friday, February 17, 2012

Some group gifts, some cheapies, some Designer Circle ;)

Let me start with the great 60 L$ items Saschas design has put up this week ! You get this great Mutz dress in teal for 60 L$ or the lovely white Charmant gown. Who can resist those for just 60 L$?

And the necklace which is the new item for the Designer Circle by Vincenza Rosca will go GREAT with these 2 dresses above. The lovely necklace and earrings come with a hud and you can change the metal and the gems with this hud. I had so much fun playing with it that I couldn't resist to show you what I changed ! The gems are very small so you have to look closely (click pic to enlarge).
This lovely set will be 99 L$ for 12 days at the Designer circle from February 18th on.

The next outfit is the February group gift by 22769! You get a lovely warm sweater and sexy pants, also available for guys :)
And 22769 also changed their item at The Gallery on the 15th and you can get these great booties at The Gallery now (not free).  They are MESH so a mesh viewer is needed.
The last one by 22769 is their gift in the Glamour Hunt. You have to pay 10 L$ for the hunt item at the stores but if you find it at 22769 you get this GREAT dress !
Censored has put this lovely dress at the Tropicala Bazaar (not free but very affordable).
Censored also put a lovely dress at My Sales Boudoir.
And Censored released a new skin too ! The skin is called Magali and I am showing you the skin on my own shape and on the Magali shape by Censored.

Over to Ashmoot. They have mant group gifts at the store and joining the group is why not hop over and take a look at the lovely Ashmoot designs?

Last one for today is M.O.C.K. Joining the group is free for the time being (I hope it is not closed yet) and you get spoiled with many group presents.
M.O.C.K. has a hunt going on, you have to find colored hearts. They are quite easy to spot. They are also participating in the Tainted Heart hunt (find a quite real looking hart)