Monday, February 27, 2012

Standing barefoot in front of my closet...shouting I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR !!

Hmm am I the only one who has those days? Standing in front of a messed up closet, thinking: I really have nothing to wear? Or do you recognise it and do you have these days too? Well I tried on several this one by Butterfly Effectz. It is their gift in the Womenstuff hunt (find a red sculpted teeshirt at the participating stores). A lovely purple dress. I styled it with the jewelry Just You Jewels has put inside their red teeshirt.
I disguarded the outfit above, too formal for a lunch date with my friend. So I stood there in my undies for a while. These cute undies are the hunt gift in the Womenstuff hunt by FOUR.
Hmmm didn't like the undies either so I changed them for the ones Blacklace has put inside the teeshirt from the Womenstuff hunt.
Then I decided to wear the cute undies Elemiah Design has hidden inside their red teeshirt. You just have to find it to wear this elegant set:).
I styled the gift by Elemiah with the jewelry Cyber Gem Jewels is giving away as a present in the Womenstuff hunt.
OK that lingerie wasn't really suitable to wear under a nice dress or pants set, so I changed into the undies by POUNCE. Just find the red teeshirt to get this elegant underwear. If yiu are wondering about the cute feet: they are by N-Core...and they are great but not free.
The next outfit I tried on was by Sassy... A lovely dress, yet not quite what I wanted to wear for a lunch date. Find the red teeshirt at Sassy and you can add this dress to your inventory :)
I am wearing the lovely VENUS necklace by Aidoru with this dress. The necklace is part of a set (armbands, ring and tiara) and the metal and jewels are color change with a hud. Not free but a GREAT set to wear !
Maybe the dress Creamsicle is the one I should wear today? is a great dress but a bit too cold for this lunch date. Find the red teeshirt at Creamsicle ladies to get this summer dress.
And the outfit by CandyCrunchers is also way too summer like to wear to a lunch date ! I like it though, So go hunting for the red shirt and you will be set for spring. The lovely bracelet is the gift in the Womenstuff hunt by G&T Creations.
Another lovely dress is the one Karmas Kreations has hidden inside their red teeshirt. The sunglasses, and the shoes are included in this gift!
The gifts in this Womenstuff hunt are all so great, I have to thank all the designers for their generous gifts ! And while you are at the stores, take a look around, there are so many nice things to buy !
Then I tried the great coat Curvalicious has for you if you find the red teeshirt at their store. I am wearing the pants by M&C Factory with this warm winter coat. The pants are also a gift in the Womenstuff hunt. But thsi outfit is a bit too warm as spring is slowly starting in the Netherlands.
The lovely set by Nachtigall Designs would have been perfect for my lunch date but it has too much cleavage. Hmm ut it is still a great outfit to wear laides. Find the red shirt at their store, you will get the outfit and the cute bag too.
I finally decided to wear the great outfit Together Inc gives away in their red teeshirt. It is perfect for a lunch date with my friend, casual enough, warm enough, fun enough. The cute shoes are included in this great gift in the Womenstuff hunt !
I promised you yesterday some skins and shapes so here goes.
This first lovely skin is by Carisma Creations and it is their gift in the Womenstuff hunt.
The next skin is also a gift in the Womenstuff hunt and it is by Modish. Find the red teeshirt and it is yours.
The next skin is by EnvyMe and it is also a gift in the Womenstuff hunt. 
And this lovely skin includes eyes and the outfit I am showing you. It is tthe gift in the Womenstuff hunt by MOK design.
The next things I am showing you are shapes. They are all gifts in the Womenstuff hunt and all you have to do is find the red teeshirt. I will show you the pics and give you the LM to the store. I am showing you my regular shape too so you can sompare. Keep in mind that my regular shape is SMALL, I am 5 ft 3 in RL and in SL my avatar is also 5 ft 3.
First shapes are by Body Double. Tattoos are included (pink hearts).
The next shape is by WaxworkX.
And this shape is by Anatomy. You also get pink eyes.
This shape is by Shape it up.
Last shape is by Damage, you also get eyes and the clothes I am showing you, if you find the red Teeshirt.