Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Well today is the day...I hope you all got a lovely messages from your loved one, or from one who loves you but you didn't know it yet...
I still have some goodies left in my inventory. How about the newest group gift by Purple Moon? Isn't that the perfect way to start your Valentines day?
Or you can hop over to 1 Hundred and get this great satin red dress they made for the Designer Showcase ! (all items at the Designer Showcase are 100 L$ or less).
1 Hundred also has made this elegant bathing suit for the XY Room (80 L$ for this lovely bathing suit).
1 Hundred is participating in 2 hunts: the Jack or Jill hunt (find a round box with the female sign on it) and the Februalicious hunt (truns till February 20th). The gift in the Jack or Jill hunt is the cute hoody, the bikini is the gift in the Februalicious hunt :).

These cute boots are the Valentine gift by Aidoru. But what not many people know: actually it is Jara's RL birthday and it is her gift to her group members! So if you see her ...congratulate her :)
Aidoru also has released these lovely Venus earrings. Just like the necklace and bracelets I blogged before the earrings are color change with an easy to use hud. Not free but I love the Italian elegant style !
Talking about jewelry...Finesmith has some really cute gifts for group members at their store ! They have a pre Valentine gift, a great necklace which comes in several colors.
And they have a real Valentine gift, caged hearts.
And I found a gift called Roses for you...at Finesmith ladies.
Virtual Impressions also has a GREAT group gift: the key to my heart...

This cute red dress with tattoos in different tones (light, medium and dark) is the gift by Genesis in the Hearts Ablaze hunt. So go hunting ladies if youw ant to wear this lovely dress or the tattoos :)
Or you can get these great dresses (or shirts) by SLC. They are 50 L$ each. Or id you are a group member you get a fatpack for 99 L$.

Then I went to GRIM Bros to click their Midnight Mania board and it closed and now I am the proud owner of these very cute pink shoes :)
The shoes will go great with a gown and this one is the new group gift by The White Armory.

Morea also has some really elegant gowns, like their newest group gift ! They also have 2 Midnight Mania boards and I clicked both :)

We all heard the news that Whitney Houston died. Java Fashion has put out these great gifts in her memory, a lovely white dress similar to the one she used to wear and a great tee.

As Carnaval is coming up here in Europe, I just want to show you 2 fun dresses you could wear at Carnaval. The first one is by LaRosa and it is called Jelly Bears. The cute shoes come with the dress and they are color and texture change with a hud.
The next one I got from the lucky chair at Edelweiss.The poses come with the dress.