Monday, February 20, 2012

Gowns and accesoires.

Today just gowns, a few cocktail dresses and lovely accessoiries to wear with those lovely gowns and dresses. I got all from Marketplace, so no teleporting or searching in shops involved.
This first very elegant gown is by Sharodie. She calls is TEST gown as she asks for input on Marketplace from her customers. I love the elegant caramel color and the flow of the skirt.
The gown is 2 L$.
With this dress I am wearing the very lovely Je t'aime shoes. They are the same color as the lovely gown and they are die for.
I styled the gown with the lovely peacock earrings by Persefona and the bangles by Persefona. Both in green.

This next gown is by AnaLee Balut. It is called Black Catsuit gown and you can wear it as a catsuit too.

With this gown I am wearing sexy red sandals by DS, called Valentine and they are 1 L$.
The lovely jewelry I am wearing with this gown is by Two Sisters. The necklace and earrings are sold seprarately and they are called Harvest. They are each 1 L$ and they have a lovely fire color.
The next gown is also black and it is by Liza. I tried to get as many different colored gowns as I could find, but black is one of the most popular tones in gowns :) This gown has a stunning front neckline, showing lots of cleavage.
The black pumps I am wearing with this gown are by Plausible Bodies. You get a hughe fatpack with all kinds of colors which is great because you will have the perfect shoe with each gown :).
Then I found tis stunning gown. It is by Passion4 Fashion and it is 10 L$ but boy it is woth all 10 lindens. You can wear it as a gown or as a sexy cocktail dress :)

I styled this lovely gown with a free MESH necklace in black by Modern Elegance and with great silver awareness bangles by ME Jewels design.
The next gown is also 10 L$ and it is called Godess Gown. The designer is SG (Sasha Gopheller). It is such a lovely gown, elegant and delicate.
The necklace and earrings I am wearing with this lovely gown are each 1 L$ and they are by Two Sisters.
This gown comes in a lovely aqua color. It is called Native princess and it is by SOS Fashion design.
And this elegant gown is is by one of my favorite stores Seldom Blue. I love the soft yellow spring color! The dress is very detailed made and the skirt has a lovely flow. It is called Destiny. It is also available for free in blue and for 1 L$ in lots of other colors.
This gown comes in a lovely soft pink color and it is by Ravens Wear. It is called Solstice gown and it comes with the lovely wings and the head jewel.
And the next 2 gowns are great for roleplaying. The first one is called Helena gown and it comes with a cloack and a veil. The fabric is a rich velvet in a lovely dark blue color.
The designer is Delicious.
The next gown is called Marie and it is by Cherry Bomb design. You have to pay 1 L$ to get this great gown. You can wear it all buttoned up or you can show a little more skin. Or you can wear it to go clubbing as a short sexy dress with lace leggings.

The lovely collar I am wearing with this Marie gown is by Fox labs.
If you do not feel like wearing a gown why don't you find the next dress on Marketplace. It is by Unique cloting and I styled it with a lovely long diamond necklace by Mylady.
Or you can go for this sexy dress by K & C Fashion. It  is one of their group gifts (yes I blogged them 2 days in a row now). The shoes and jewelry are included.
And if you get an invite for a party and you have to go there fast and you don't have the time to look for a cute dress or gown you can always get this elegant sheer shirt to wear over your t-shirt and jeans and spice them up. The shirt is by AnaLee Balut.
If you are desparartely searching your inventory for a nice updo to wear with these gowns I will help you out. This great updo is by Alli & Ali and it is free till February 28th. The name of the updo is Bella.
And this updo is called Keiko, the color is maroon and it is also by Alli & Ali. Free till February 21st.
The next updo is by BDR (Beautifull Dirty Rich). It is called Sophia and you get an option to wear it with pearls, with lace or with pearl and lace. Or without all.
Last items are just some more jewelry. The first is a Dragon necklace with gems that are color change. I have to warn you, the necklace is HUGHE and you have to shrink it in edit -> stretch. The necklace is by Shabti Solo.
And these 2 lovely necklaces are by Yanaroxx and the first one is called Butterfly necklace. It is 1 L$.
The second one is called Black Flower. It is also 1 L$.