Friday, February 10, 2012

Seraphim and some popcorn.

I don't remember why I landed at the Seraphim shop, but when I was there I was stunned. Oh no, not true ! I do know why I landed there, Tonya Trotter told me that they had a great skin !
There are many free items on the walls, ranging from skins to sweet outfits and tattoos. Seraphim also has a group gift skin. It is really worth to explore ladies. I will show you below what I got.
Shirt by Holli pocket, pants by TuttiFrutti and shoes by Sweet Antidote.
I am wearing the Sweet Antidote shoes with this dress by Alter Ego.
The sweater by Sakide also goes great with the Sweet Antidote shoes :) The pants are a freebie by HOC Industries (not at the Seraphim shop).
The sweater by Sleeping Koala also is great to wear in the cold season. And yes you are right, those are the same shoes agian. The poses I am using are also free at Seraphim, they are by SSP and they are called Daring Diva poses.
This lovely top is by Modest, the pants are the HOC Industry pants and the shoes are again the Sweet Antidote ones.
The lovely paper cut hearts also free (no LM in the folder).

In the winter season you are glad when you have this lovely warm scarf or the hot coffee (with animation) It is by KNN and free at Seraphim.
I actually love this next dress and the shoes and socks (there are lovely little bows on them), but somehow it didn't rez completely for me. The sweater should be a grey sweater with lovely hearts on it. I love the Valentine Card though !!! WHO SEND THAT TO ME???
The outfits is by ChiChi's, but free at Seraphim.
And this lovely hair is free at Seraphim and it is by Mina.
I also found 2 lovely necklaces at the Seraphim shop, the left one is by Dirty Lill Secret, the right one is by Concrete flowers.

There are also a few skins you can find at the Seraphim shop. One is the Seraphim group gift. The other set is called Eva and theya re by Step Inside, but free at Seraphim.

Vestigium has a lovely tattoo for free at Seraphim.
And then I went to do some more hunting. There are so many lovely presents to find in the ZombiePopcornHunt that I couldn't resist to find more :) This lovely dress in 2 colors is the gift by Glue Ink and the glasses are by LuTimez.

And this sexy dress is  by Aura. You also get 2 colors. All you have to do to get these lovely dresses is to find the red white striped bag of popcorn with a zombie inside at the participating stores !
I found the popcorn at Tentacio and inside is this lovely white and lilac dress :) So if you are as lucky as I was and you find the popcorn is yours :)
The name of the dress is I am no angel...and the necklace comes with it, as do the wings.
And this cute skirt is by C'Est la Vie and the tank I am wearing with it is a former freebie by Jane. Find the popcorn to get it ladies.
Rezlpsa Loc gives you these great Valentine suspenders IF you find the popcorn at their store ! The tank is by Jane (see above).
Last one for today is the dress I found inside the popcorn bag at Sakide. It has a skelleton corset and the white blocks are there because my blog is not mature...and if you do not wear the corset, things are showing :)