Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Designer Circle, some really nice jewelry, clothes and some Zombie Popcorn.

OK I admit not the most briljant title today, but thinking up a new title every day is kinda hard. You should try it for a few days :)
Just kidding, sometimes my brain is numb and I just can't find a catching title for the blog.
I have some more lovely things from the Designer Circle. The Designer Circle is a shop where a group of great designers put in some of their great designs and price them below 100 L$. Like this lovely outfit by Cero Style.  I put the link to the shop here too, but remember you can only get the low price at the Designer Circle shop.
Or like these elegant dresses with leggings by Abia Capalini. Each one is just 70 L$ at the Designer Circle ladies. You have a choice of red or blue.

Then I got these very cute dresses and outfits at Milky Way. Some are gifts at the store and some are from their lucky boards. Just look around, I know you will find them at Milky Way.

Urban Girl has a great 10 L$ store. All in the store is just 10 L$ and they also have skins at the same price. Just TP over and have a look, the outfits below (including the shoes) are from the 10 L$ store by Urban Girl.

This lovely cocktail dress and the lovely gown, both in black, are gifts at Augusta Creations. Great to go dancing ladies.

You could decide to wear this lovely jewelry by Amarelo Manga with these lovely gowns. They released some really elegant new jewelry (so NOT free!). I was stunned by it, I love the elegant simple style with the lovely details. It is based on Africa as the sets have African names. Names are under the pics.
African gold Feather set

African set

Luanda set

Durban set
Loordes of London also released a new jewelry set (NOT free) and it is way different than the ones above. I love the red color, it will go so well with a black or red gown. But you can also wear it with a summer dress or with your simple tee.
The next jewelry set is free. Well you have to work for ir, but not to pay for it. You can get this lovely necklace, which you can wear with or without the peircings if you find the Zombiepopcorn hunt item, which is a red and white striped bag of popcorn with a zombie in it at EllaBella.
Another gift in the ZombiePopconr hunt is this by The Skinnery. Lovely face tattoos, flowers around your eyes or circles on your cheeks :) Find the bag with popcorn ladies and it is yours.
Or you can try and find the popcorn at White Widow. They give away these lovely face tattoos hidden inside the popcorn bag. You can wear them with or without the eyeshadow. I am showing the version with eyeshadow.
Last one for today is the hughe make up set Kosh has put inside their popcorn bag. Hop over to Kosh to get this lovely make up ladies and hunt for the popcorn.