Monday, February 13, 2012

Some leftovers and the flu

Today just a few leftovers. I am having a bad case of the flu so I am not really myself at the moment and sitting behind the PC is actually not something I should do. But I do have some leftovers in my inventory and I will just throw them on this blog so you can pick up whatever you fancy.
Like this GREAT gown by Sascha's Design. It is a promo gown and you can find it on Marketplace for just 10 L$! If you go the Saschas Marketplace store and you type in PROMO you will get some more great offers ! Please leave a review after you bought something. The purple gown is called ZieZo Mauve.
The cute hair I am wearing with this lovely gown is by Chichickie and it is there subscribo gift. There was a release of a fatpack and the first 2 days the fatpack is just 95 L$.
The hair is color change with a tough hud, GREAT !!! You can change the color of the hair, or of the hearts, or of the arrow, or all, so you can style it just the way you like it :)

And this cute hair is the opening gift at Mikan Hair !

I am wearing this cute hair by Mikan with one of the newest group gift by Coco. Joining this group is free and you get sooo many lovely group gifts ! I got the overalls and the cute boots (bith MESH). The cute bare feet are a previous profile pic gift at Mayden Couture.

Then I got a message that Dirty Lill Secrets is participating in the Glam hunt. Each item in this hunt is 10 L$ and at Dirty Lill Secretes you get this great dress :)
Dirty Lill Secrets also has some great shirts (or is it a dress?) with cute prints for TOSL.
Seems like I am in a pink mood today, so here is the great gift Sassy gives out in the group. They reached 5.000 members ! Congratulations Sassy !
The cute leggings are from the lucky boards at Poppycock !
These earrings also are from the lucky boards at Poppycock ladies. Grab your friends and wait till your letter comes up !
There are still a few gifts left from the ZombiePopcornHunt. The hunt ends on February 15th !
You have to find a red and white bag of popcorn with a zombie inside at the participating stores. If you find it at LouLou you will get this lovely silver belt. And if you find it at Ilaya you get the outfit I am wearing too :)
Or you can go to GAWD to get this next lovely dress. And the bag of popcorn at Tea time hides the lovely red belt. Just find the popcorn ladies.
The next store is American Bazaar. They have this lovely white jacket with the cute skirt as a gift in the ZombiePopconrHunt.
Blah is also participating in this hunt and if you find the popcorn at their store you get this fun dress !
This cute bikini is the gift inside the popcorn bag at Sticky Fingers. You get the lollipop too !
In the bags of popcorn at Vaya Con Dios and Pepper you will find skins. I actually think that the Vaya Con Dios skin (the red one) is a male skin...
To get these skins you will have to hunt for popcorn ladies !!!
All that is left is some jewelry. There are 4 stores that hid jewelry inside their bags of popcorn and the first one I am showing you is Finesmith.
 This next lovely necklace is the gift inside the popcorn at Je Suis.
And these lovely earrings are hidden in the popcorn at Needful things.
Last one are the earrings you can find inside the bag of popcorn at NHA.

HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES and watch out for the flu !!!